Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Break for (Christmas) Tags

I'm working on so many things simultaneously right now.  Yes, I'm making progress with my living room, and yes, I should be able to show it soon. However, I have to pace myself, and not crash like I did earlier this month.  So, I took a little break to work on various tags, among other things.  I have one more show this year, it's only two weeks away, and I have to get going on my small handmades.  Christmas will be the predominate theme.

I took one of my clay tag designs, and gave them the look of mini framed chalkboards, with a vintage feel.

My "Old World" finish, with dark grey paint in the middle.

I'm also making Christmas tags/notebooks.  I like this idea, cause you can write an entire poem to the recipient if you want.  These are fun to make.

I've have lots of handmade, and vintage paper lying around.  Although I've said it before, I'm still getting emails asking for my source.   I'm the source, cause my ephemera has been collected over the years from garage and estate sales, flea markets, etc.   I have tons of books, loose paper, ledger sheets, sheet music, wallpaper, etc.  You can use whatever you have available.

These little tags/notebooks were made with handmade paper for the front and back.

I stamped the lettering and images with sepia ink.  I used vintage paper inside.

I punched a hole, added hemp string, and a round head paper fastener.

Not only does it help hold the little notebook together, it gives you the option of refreshing or exchanging the paper.  Lots of possibilities here.

A different take.

I have other designs to finish, and a living room to complete.  See ya soon.

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  1. I love your tags and vintage note cards, beautiful!

  2. Those clay frame chalkboard tags are wonderful. Such a great idea.

  3. LOVE your tags and the notebooks, Rosemary! So very pretty and something I'd look forward to in my stocking this year!

  4. Of course you are the source of all things beautiful, artistic, and inspiring here.

  5. Those chalk tags are a great idea and very pretty as everything else you do.


  6. I just asked Santa to send you elves for Christmas!
    That should do the trick!



  7. I love the chalkframe tags! great idea. Hope they sell well. Enjoy your last show!

  8. How in the world do you ever get so many projects done? Those chalk tags are adorable!

  9. Those little note books are so cute and I love the chalkboard tags!! Looking forward to seeing your living room reveal!

  10. I'd brake so hard, there would be skid marks a mile long, to get ahold of those fabulous tags!

  11. The ornaments and tags are just lovely, Rosemary. Have a wonderful holiday season:)!

  12. Love your tags, and those little notebooks are such a fun idea! Don't you just love working with vintage papers?

  13. How unique and pretty! I love those.

  14. The clay frames with the chalkboard middle are my favorites. I still cannot believe you are redecorating and simplifying your room in the middle of your busiest season! Good Luck!

  15. Sweet little notebooks Rosemary! Love those beautiful tags too! I cannot believe I will be decorating for Christmas in a week!

  16. I agree with the above comment--you need elves :)! The tags look great :)!

  17. Rosemary, These are so beautiful! You are the busiest person I know.
    Take care!

  18. Rosemary,
    Everything looks beautiful as always. Good luck at your next show, I'm sure you'll sell out!!

  19. I love your Christmas tags Rosemary! You have been one busy lady. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  20. You are full of talent
    Love your work
    Have a nice day

  21. Beautiful Rosemary! Good luck with your show.

  22. I love those mini framed chalkboards! They are FAA! Vanna

  23. You do fantastic work and I love it. I especially like the tag notebooks. Hugs...Lu

  24. I am in love with your tags! You are so talented!


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