Monday, March 19, 2012

Distracted by Spring

As I work today, I find myself getting distracted by blooms.  I love spring, but hate the allergies that go with it.  I found these guys outside my front door.

I think they look good in  my little vintage bottle.

Sitting on my side table with the light streaming through the window.

Had to show you  a shot of my next door neighbors tree.

Okay, enough distractions.  I have quite a lot to get to.  See ya soon.

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  1. I hear ya Rosemary on the allergy thing. Suffering real bad this year. FYI my new URL is You have to change the one you have to this on your blog roll. Thanks.

  2. Those blooms you found are so pretty--and your neighbors tree is gorgeous!

  3. There is nothing like carefully I proceed because it came so early!! Do I dare put away the snow shovel???? Hope all is well Rosemary. Are you going to Shop the Shed? I will be there helping Joy.

    We will meet soon . . . .promise!

  4. I had just done the same thing with my little blue flowers but when I went to take a picture the batteries were dead:(

  5. I wouldn't mind those distractions!


  6. Your flowers are so beautiful in your cute vintage bottle!!..I took some pics this morning of some flowering trees in the neighborhood...and also noticed the start of the pollen...I use my garden hose twice a day during pollen season to keep the pollen on the porches at bay....

    Love the flowers...hate the pollen!!..

  7. Gorgeous flowers! Your neighbors have a gorgeous tree in their yard!

  8. Beautiful little iris flowers. Your neighbor's saucer magnolia is gorgeous too. I will become totally distracted by the flower garden from now on. I am composing hanging baskets in the morning. hugs, olive

  9. Gorgeous. I want a magnolia tree and your iris (irises?) look beautiful. Bring on the spring.

  10. I too love Spring and all the flowers that begin to blossom. When I was born, my folks planted a magnolia tree in their front yard. There are pictures of me, and then me any my sister growing up with that tree. After my folks died, my middle daughter and her husband bought the house. Now I have pictures of my grandkids under the old magnolia tree! Thanks for reminding me of that memory.

    Take care,

  11. I do so love a tulip tree! It's such a romantic sight when the petals make it to the ground!

  12. I've always wanted a tulip tree! But then, the simple little flowers in the simple bottle are just as beautiful. ~ Maureen

  13. And see why you shared it, its plain gorgeous!

  14. Unfortunately, the downside of all the beautiful blooms is the sniffling and sneezing we go through. It's worth it, though to have the gloomy old winter gone. :)

  15. Beautiful flowers...... I think my allergy are acting up too but... Could It Be It's Only March! :)



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