Sunday, December 11, 2011

Heavenly Glow

I wanted to share one of my nativity sets.  It's small, and made of frosted glass.  I loved it when I found it, but wasn't quite sure how to display it.  It seemed no matter where I put it, it just wasn't grounded.  I finally had an idea for it

I laid a vintage loaf pan on it's side to create a stable.  It makes a nice rustic background and is the perfect size for my little nativity.  I also placed a tin star behind baby Jesus.  I may add hay, but right now I like it this way.

The set has a beautiful ethereal quality against the dark metal.

It's on the side table in my living room.  I love that heavenly glow.

I can't believe this is my 138th post since starting my blog in April.  I have so much to share with you still before the end of the year, including reviews,  thematic posts, and how-to's.  See ya soon.

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  1. I love your beautiful nativity. The bread pan was a great idea to use.

    Have a joyful upcoming week.

  2. why of course!
    why didn't we all think of this!

    nice seeing you tonight ... love my finds!

  3. It's perfect! The contrast really shows off all the pretty pieces.

  4. You are so clever Rosemary. Love your nativity set.

  5. It's perfect Rosemary!
    Lovely way to display that gorgeous nativity set! How creative you are!

    Deborah xo

  6. Very nice contrast, frosted glass and patterned tin. Very peaceful actually.

  7. Rosemary....your nativity is so unusual! I've never seen a frosted one before. And you're right about the inner glow. It's beautiful! The gray metal of that loaf pan is a perfect backdrop. :)

    xoxo laurie

  8. Never seen a nativity scene made of frosted glass! I love it! Looks perfect with your designs. I gives an ice sculpture effect!


  9. You found a perfect stable for it. I love the star, it's a great touch.

  10. Rosemary, what a neat idea! This looks so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Rosemary,

    It is gorgeous! I love it! The frosted glass makes it look as though it is lit!


  12. I've never seen a frosted glass nativity, Rosemary, it's beautiful! And the tin makes a great rustic contrast. Have a great week!!

  13. Hi Rosemary! I have a nativity set like this. It sits on a mirror plateau. I haven't used it for a few years since there are little ones in the house but I may find a high place to display it now that you've reminded me. Love the idea of the loaf pan and metal star! Looks great! xo, Leena

  14. You are without a doubt one of the most creative people blogging. I always love to see what you do. This is absolutely stunning.

  15. It is so lovely. Have a nice Monday :O)

  16. Hello Rosemary--it was so good to speak with you at Kane, as well! Thank you for your pearls of wisdom and experience--we gals need to stick together in order to maintain our sanity!
    Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy holiday. See you soon.
    Best, Lisa (the Frenchman's wife).

  17. i am always amazed what i find on this gorgeous blog and today is no different...simply amazing! thanks for sharing...hugs...

  18. Always so clever the things you think of!! I love the simplicity of the creche in the frosted glass..but set inside the tin?? Smart!

  19. I have one of these frosty glass nativities too :) It looks great in the tin pan...perfect "stable". Laurel

  20. Beautiful, I have never seen a manger scene like that, is lovely the way you have done it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. very different way of setting up the creche but I like that it's a little nontraditional...the vintage loaf pan lends a little metallic edge that balances the sleek frosted glass...simply lovely..

  22. It's perfect, I can just see it in your home. Happy Holidays, Richard from My Old Historic House.

  23. Thank you so much for these wonderful and inspiring photos - all things are fantastic!


  24. I just love your blog, it gives me so much inspiration. Only you would think to use a pan for this, and of course, it's perfect!

  25. that was really a good idea to use that pan as a back drop for it. It looks so elegant with its frosted glass.

  26. Your little nativity is so sweet just like you . Look at all your followers . You always show great
    treasures and ideas

  27. Genius! I have the same set, I'll have to try putting this together here, will have to go on next year's list, thanks for sharing.
    hugs ~lynne~

  28. Hi Rosemary,
    Beautiful nativity set...
    So serene and peaceful!
    Love it displayed in the vintage loaf pan.
    All the Best,

  29. i've never seen one like this before. it is simply gorgeous! like petite ice sculptures. LOVE!

  30. Love the combination of the rustic with the refined. Your Nativity scene is beautiful and I'm so glad you shared it with us.

  31. What a beautiful nativity! I love that you put it inside a vintage loaf pan. GREAT idea! Merry Christmas, Rosemary!

  32. You always come up with just the best ideas! That is such a perfect backdrop for the sweet frosted glass nativity set. It is beautiful. ~Lili

  33. Great idea Rosemary. it does look so nice together with the baking tin, and I love the addition of the little tin star. What a great find this little frosted Nativity set is.

  34. It's perfect! What a gorgeous yet simple nativity! I love it. Thanks for linking up to Sassy Sites so I could have the chance to see it. I REALLY appreciate you being such a loyal follower of Sassy Sites. I LOVE my readers!! Have a very Merry Christmas. XOXO!!


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