Friday, January 4, 2013

Shopping My Garage II

The expedition continues.  Maybe I should make "Shopping My Garage" a regular series.

Today, I found a bunch of prayer cards from an estate sale.  I just thought they were beautiful.

I didn't forget I had these, I just couldn't remember where they were.

I didn't count, but I think I have about 40 of them.

Something else I had packed away was this child's quilt.

I remember watching my grandmother make quilts like these.

I like the back as well.


I painted this urn about two years ago.  I used black, grey, and white paint.  After I finished, I distressed the heck out of it.

I love the way it turned out, but I don't know why I left it in the garage.

Want to know what it's original use was?

It was a bread board.  I just thought it made a nice canvas.  All the imperfections in the board added to the effect I wanted.

I don't know why this vintage print was buried in a container.

It's a beautiful image, and needs to be framed.

Why did I forget I had an autographed book by Judy Blume?

I've had this forever.  It's from the 70's.  I don't know who Katie was, but someone sold me her book.

Yes, my garage is a bottomless pit.  I'm going to an estate sale tomorrow.  This is why I'll never run out of stuff.  See ya soon.


  1. Amazing, I sure would love to be your neighbor...stopping by to borrow sugar, yeah right!

    Yes, please make this a regular series...I love these posts!

  2. Lololol, sounds like me! I keep saying I am going to go out to the garage and organize it one day!

  3. I love your prayer cards. All of your images are beautiful.

  4. With all the amazing treasures you are finding in your must be incredibly filled with bliss. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  5. Well, I want to go shopping in Your garage! Enjoying these posts very much...too cold to go in my garage right now.

  6. I think you should make it a series, it's great for you! Happy New year dear lady!

  7. may i shop your garage?? truly!! amaaazing! ;)

  8. Those prayer cards are beautiful! How lucky to have found them! Oh I remember that book.I read it when I was in school!Have fun shopping your garage!And stay warm it's cold out there!

  9. You sound like me, clean it out, go buy more! Isn't that a motto or something? A rule I am sure.

    I always loved holy cards...they were real treasures to me as a child. So well done...little gold edges and all.

  10. Rosemary,
    Are you selling French map?
    Where are you going to an estate sale on a Sunday? Is it a secret?
    Happy News Year...Diana

  11. so fun. wish I had a garage like that.


  12. Wow, I guess your garage is the bottomless pit of treasures, Rosemary! I love the vintage prayer cards, they are just gorgeous! Have fun at the estate sale tomorrow!

  13. Thats cool R. I always think of Judy Blume as a local...she has a summer house on marthas vineyard. I think you have a keeper there.

  14. Love the gentle colors on the prayer cards. I have a bunch packed away, too, and have no idea where they are :-)

  15. So many wonderful treasures in our garage!!...Love that book!

  16. If you need help...I'm available!

  17. More beautiful items you've uncovered! I just scanned a bunch of my prayer cards recently. I think I may have one just like one of yours! They are so beautiful and some are very old. Love all the items you keep finding - wonder what the estate sale will bring? Can't wait to find out! Hugs, Leena

  18. So awesome!!

    I remember that book as a young girl in the 70s. It was a biggie for sure.

    I love the treasures you come up with. You truly are an amazing woman!


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