Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Tiara and Etsy Loading

I've been getting a lot of emails asking if I'd be specific about what I'm selling.  So, I'll be giving you a heads up with my items for sale on a regular basis.  I had several inquiries about the tiara from my last post.  It sold very quickly on Etsy.  So, I made, and listed another one.

I was lucky enough to have two identical pieces of metal.  I didn't have identical blue rhinestones, so I gave this one a diamond feel.

I'm already configuring similar pieces to list.  They won't be identical, but they'll have the same vibe.

I've also decided to part with some of my vintage hardware.  Etsy loading time.

I have boxes of various vintage pulls,



The vintage child's robe I mentioned last week will be going up as well.

The vintage map you inquired about?


BTW, my two chairs (one of which you see here)?  SOLD.  I'm recovering them for a client who loved them.

Now you know why I have a minimal decor.  I'll sell just about anything not nailed down (Hubby and sons, not included).

So, now you have a heads up.  I'll be listing all week.  Stop by my shop HERE.  There's no telling what else I'll decide to part with.  Gonna be busy.  See ya soon.


  1. Wow! I'll have to keep my eyes locked on your Etsy shop then. Looks like you have some pretty things for sale.

  2. I'm not surprised that tiara went fast, Rosemary! I'm sure this second one will go just as fast. I have a piece off a light fixture that looks similar to your base {on the tiara}. It is attached to a square piece {where it was the bottom of the light}. Any suggestions on removing the filigree piece from the square piece?

  3. Hi Rosemary,
    Everything is just beautiful!!
    I am in love with those antique hinges and that map is fabulous!!
    I'm on my way to take a peek at your shop.
    Have a great night.

  4. Such a pretty tiara and I LOVE all of your antique hardware!! You have so many pretty pieces Rosemary!

  5. Oh so many things to get excited about here. I'm definitely visiting your shop! Melinda

  6. I love the old antique hardware and yours is outstanding. I can't believe you are parting with it. It's absolutely beautiful.

  7. You are such a NON-hoarder...I don't think we can be friends anymore.....sigh.....You are like my SIL....I've started telling her...don't sell that (whatever) until you tell me first! LOL Good thing I don't live near you! I'd be in BIG trouble! But, you inspire me to purge some of this stuff I KNOW I will never make anything with! It's a GOOD thing!

  8. You are just so clever, Rosemary. as a vintage seller, I am always living in an ever changing environment. It comes in and then it goes out. :)

  9. The tiara is so clever and sweet Rosemary. I can see why so many items you sell go fast!

  10. I, too, have tons of hardware that I will never use. I don't etsy, however. I guess they will stay in the armoire! LOL!



  11. I love your creativity. You are so talented.

    I will visit your Etsy shop to drool. Shipping internationally can be expensive:(


  12. Darn...I missed it! The tiara is beautiful, Rosemary!!!

  13. The tiara is wonderful and oh my gosh, those drawer handles! I'm heading over to Etsy right now!

  14. Another lovely tiara and great vintage hardware.



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