Sunday, April 17, 2011


A few posts back I mentioned all the beautiful garden pieces that have passed through my hands over the years. Those items that made my heart beat faster when I saw them. Well, this guy from my last post was one of them....

That's right, WAS. I let him go. We had barely finished our first dance...Oh, the detail...The patina...The....OK, enough.

Speaking of my last post, I received quite a few compliments on my thematic vignettes. Most of the items pictured have been claimed already. So...While I'm organizing and finishing up my latest furniture finds to share with you, here is THEMATIC II...

More redesigns and heartbeaters to share. Check back soon!


  1. LOVE your blog! Of course I always want everything!! Love the frames!!
    XO Traci

  2. Thanks Traci,
    You're always welcome to raid my stash!

  3. Rosemary-
    Your site is beautiful! So happy to see all your treasures in pictures! See you at the Flea!!!

  4. Thanks for the compliment Julie. I love the look of your blog as well. See ya soon!


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