Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blogging All Along

After an incredible amount of coaxing by customers/friends, I'm jumping in.

I've been a part of this whole antique and decorative arts business for nearly two decades.  For the past 16 months or so, I have been sending emails with photo attachments to my long list of customers/friends.  I always include a message, update, and quip about my current merchandise, what I'm up to and what show I may be doing.  Hold that thought.

This past weekend at Kane County Flea Market, I was chatting with several kindred spirits in this business.  Our back and forth banter included, "Have you started your blog yet?", "I'm too busy.", "I started mine, but gave up.", "I'm starting mine soon.", blah, blah, blah.  We've had these conversations before, but there were two comments addressed at me that finally pushed me to get going.  "You're already sending photos, messages and quips once or twice a week.  You're basically blogging."  and "Just call it what it is!"

So.....Here we go.  Join me on my journey.  My blog, like myself will be everchanging, eclectic, and a bit unusual at times.

Here are some of our recent finds.  I have to tell you that my wonderful hubby does more than half the hunting.  I mean I HAVE to tell you.  I love you honey : )

I learned how to repair, paint and redesign furniture and accessories out of necessity.  Now, it is a big part of my business.  One of my favorite redesigns was a pair of chests my hubby picked up.  They were missing their marble tops, needed heavy duty repair in spots, and had too much veneer damage.  I would have loved to save them, but to repair, match the missing veneer perfectly, and have marble cut for the tops would have been more involved and expensive than I wanted.  I knew they had to be revamped.

They haunted me for more than a month.  Finally, a light bulb went off.

I cut a piece of wood to fit the top,  added trim and paint, and PRESTO!

Take a closer look!

The pieces now reside in two different locations, because they were completed a week apart.  I was so happy with my results that I just had to get the first one I finished to the show I was doing that weekend.  It went quick.

More redesigns and wonderful finds to come.


  1. that "trim" ... oh that trim!!
    would loe to have THAT source ... wink wink

  2. I'm the PROUD OWNER of that 2-Die-4 White Shabby Dresser with Barbola Trim!*!*! That Shabby beauty won't be going anywhere for a long long time!!! BeSt Re-do Rosemary...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  3. Thanks for all the positive feedback. My emails and calls haven't stopped since I hit publish yesterday. My first group of followers all inspire me. Your comments mean a lot!

  4. Hi Rosemary Love the blog!! Thank you for inspiring me to keep going on the blog!!

  5. Just absolutely love your work. so glad you started blogging. giving us gals tips can really send your blog into popularity. keep em coming

  6. just a little hint a few old timers gave me when I first started blogging. remove the word verification. it serves no purpose but to aggravate people who want to comment.

  7. Oh so happy to have found your blog :o) I like to go to a first post to possibly learn about how, why or what it was that got a blog started! Will be adding you to my sidebar, so that hopefully I can keep better track of what you share!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    If you have time, please do stop by and if you do, please leave a comment so that I know you were there.

  8. I too have cut a nice piece of wood for pieces with veneer on the tops... I add molding or trim at the seam. Picking veneer off is such a royal pain.

    I'm really excited you came by my blog and I found yours. This is amazing.



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