Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NO REPLY, Noooooooo

I hope everyone is having a great 4th, but I hope you don't mind me addressing an issue right now.

Okay, although there are many, many, MANY bloggers out here who have written a post regarding the dreaded, "NO REPLY COMMENT@BLOGGER.COM", I have to join the group. Lately, I have been flooded with no reply comments. Most of whom are asking me a question.   I know, some of you may not be aware that you are "no reply". Thus, you may be thinking that you're being ignored, by me, and any other blogger you've left comments with. That breaks my heart.  I'm not always able to reply to every comment, but when someone asks me a question, I try to answer it right away.  I sincerely appreciate every comment (I do read them all), reader, and follower.  If you are a "no reply" for privacy reasons, I completely understand.  However, if you comment on my blog, or ask me a question, I CAN'T answer you.   So, PLEASE, let's fix that right now.
  1. Go to your DASHBOARD.
  2. Go to EDIT PROFILE.
  3. Check the "SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS" box.

That's It.  Now I, and every other blogger you leave a comment with, can reply to your comment, or answer your questions.  Let the sunshine in.

Let's see those comments.  See ya soon.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I just found out yesterday that I was a "no-reply" blogger and I went in and changed my status right away. It's nice to be able to give and receive feedback to and from others. :)


  2. Thanks for sharing this! I think when you set up your blog, many of the boxes you are checking aren't explained well. I, too, was an unknowingly no-reply blogger, until someone visited my blog and posted a comment to tell me.

  3. You are right--I think a lot of people don't know. The worse part is to leave a big long e-mail and then realize they are no reply!

  4. GOSH I HATE THIS too!! I don't even bother trying to reply (that may be mean) but it's such a hassle. I've also taken the time to email people and ask them to change it and they still don't in many cases. Hope you're keeping cool on this 4th! I'm INSIDE working on projects!

  5. Thank you for addressing this problem, Rosemary! I'm with ya! Many times I've wanted to respond to a nice comment, but have discovered the dreaded "no-reply" issue. I used to take the time to go to their blog and comment there, but I read that's how some nasty people out there steal your blog...somehow...someway...that I don't quite understand. So now, if I do encounter a "no-reply", I am grateful for the nice comment, but just don't reply to them - unfortunately.

    I hope that bloggers who are unaware are now aware and will fix this problem on their blog. :)

    Stay cool, girlie! It's a HOT one!!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Thanks for the info! I took heed.


  7. Same here Rosemary. Many times I too have wanted to reply and can not.
    Great for addressing this.
    Wow!!! you to have a wonderful name. :)
    Hugs Rosemary...

  8. Hi Rosemary I am so glad we both reply :)

    I wanted to come over and wish you a beautiful Happy 4th !

    Thank you for your beauty in all you create and say posting the best part of you !

    See you soon.

  9. We need to make one of those 'just say no to no reply blogger' buttons.


  10. I always find that is the case when there is a question asked in the comment, Rosemary. It's frustrating because I know now that I have to hover the cursor over the name to see if there is a return email {besides "no reply} before I start to compose a reply email. I use to compose the reply and then remember to check. Hopefully, you'll get to another group that will check and make sure of their settings with this post.

  11. Thanks for joining the crowd in urging everyone to show their email addresses in their comments. I do this twice a year, and I get a few converts each time. Eventually, we may reach them all.

    One of the reasons for hiding one's email address may be the mistaken notion that showing it will open one up to hoards of spammers ... Not the case, Folks! The only thing you are preventing is replies from bloggers you enjoyed enough to leave a comment. I hope everyone thinks a out this for a second.

    This is my first visit here... Came over from Heaven's Walk ... It definitely won't be my last.

  12. ... Minor correction to my comment above ...

    It is supposed to read "thinks about". I am getting used to surfing and replying on my new iPad, and that typo slipped past me.

  13. Oh my goodness I am so glad that you posted this because that has been happening alot to me lately and I cannot answer questions ~ I always feel so bad ~

  14. Thank you for setting me straight! I am one of those people and didn't know it. I'm going to change my settings today. I wondered why I wasn't getting very many replys, and now I know why!

  15. You are always so kind. I followed your instructions, just to double check if my email was showing. The burlap stool you made, inspired to create one. I will be putting this in my store Friday. The lettering did not center perfectly. I used a very old burlap bag. Thank You! for all of your inspirations.

  16. Thanks for putting the word out :) I know the feeling and hopefully your post will help. Have a good day!

  17. This is not always the case. I have a blogger account, I opened one to be able to leave a message for so many blogs that do not have it opened for comments by Name/url (my blog is wordpress self hosted)!

    My settings do have the "SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS" box checked. But some still have emailed me telling me I show as a "no reply".

    Is it because I don't actually have a "blog" on blogger, or just an account? I don't know.

    So far I have not responded to a comment let on my blog by email. I feel if someone took the time to come to my site and comment I go to theirs and comment back.

    Rosemary you blog is not open to comments from Name/url, so the only way I can respond to you is by having an account only with blogger. Your blog is set for OpenID, but a blog like mine, Wordpress self hosted, Open ID does not include me in being able to comment. Love you blog!

  18. Hi Rosemary, I love everything you have been doing lately. I just did a little tour of your blog a thourghly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing this information I'll have to check my blog. Take care. Hugs, Peggy

  19. Well, I've been naughty. When a "no reply" blogger has left me a question, I reply with an answer. I kinda figured they didn't know they were "no reply" ... but if they did know and asked a question, oh well, because I'm answering it. :) And I say that with all the nicety and politeness possible. I get a "message sent" notification so I assume they received my response. Thanks for writing this, because you obviously opened many eyes.

  20. Thanks for the tip, Rosemary. I'm certainly no "native" when it comes to technology, so I appreciate all the help I can get for you young folks born into the culture.
    I love your gorgeous photo! It's like 3-D!!!

  21. AMEN and again I say AMEN....let it be so.....Please!!!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  22. Guilty as charged. I wasn't even aware that I was a no-reply blog. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

    P.S. I actually had to switch to the old dashboard to find the Edit Profile part.

  23. Hi Rosemary! I just found out today that I was a "no reply" blogger. Had no idea. Thank-you for the easy directions to change it. Denise

  24. I thought I had done this and actually I did...but I had to go to the old dashboard to do I have to continue to use the old dashboard to do post in order for it to stick? I am so confused on this...Could you please help me out with this? Thanks


I love your comments, and would love to reply if you have a question. Please make sure you are not a No-Reply comment. I can't respond if you are. If you are not sure, read my post "No-Reply, Noooooo", or send me a regular email. Thanks so much for your readership. I appreciate each and every one of you.