Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beaded Bottle

I'm going to be in  overdrive this week getting ready for an antique market, but I wanted to quickly show you what I did with the bottle and beads.


Aside from the bottle and beads, I used a rose from shower curtain hooks, that I had no intention of using as shower curtain hooks.  I picked up a package of them at a garage sale.  I just removed the hook from one.

I held everything in place with rock hard water putty.  It's great for holding things in place.  I've used it to attach appliques, and make them.  It has lots of uses.  I'll show you a few projects using putty in future posts.  It comes in powdered form.  I just mixed it with water, and slathered it over the beads to hold them in place.

After it was dry (It dries really quick), I sanded it back a little.  I wanted texture, so I didn't sand it smooth.

So, my friend Kelly over at The Essence of Home was right with her guess.  I beaded the bottle. Just like I beaded the sap bucket.  The rose topper is the finishing touch.


  1. Rosemary,
    LOVE this technique!Looks beautiful.

  2. You are so creative to come up with these masterpieces!

  3. OMG Rosemary, you are so clever getting those roses off a shower hanger. Genius! love how it came out!

  4. Do you ever run out of ideas, Rosemary??? This is great.

  5. you can make ANYTHING magical!

  6. Who thinks of this stuff??!!! Oh, that's right...YOU!! lol

    Awesome project.

  7. You are a creative genius! Love it :) I would have never guessed this idea.

  8. Amazing! Such a creative use for little bits and pieces. Love it Rosemary!!

  9. Aha! I knew it would at least be something similar. Ha! I love the added rose at the top. When I first looked at it, I wondered how you made that. Now I know! It actually reminds me of a rose on a cake with icing. It looks good enough to eat! ha!

  10. wow - i mean really....WOW!!! I love what you do...your creations are so beautiful and unique! thank you for sharing, you are always so inspiring to me! oxox, tracie

  11. OMG, your so talented, it looks beautiful!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  12. Your creations are simply amazing! Love, Love,love it! Beautiful!

  13. Beautifully done! This is so romantic and intriguing! No one would guess what the pieces looked like before - wonderfully done,

  14. I want to attend the antique market where you will be

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  16. And you have surprised us (or at least me) once again by introducing a new technique and new materials. This is beautiful!

  17. Looks gorgeous! But we only expect the best from you, of course. The rose topper just makes it!

  18. That is amazing! You are so creative! Angie xo

  19. Your unique talents never cease to amaze me. This turned out great!

  20. Wow Rosemary, you are so creative. thanks for sharing your ideas with us. It is always a treat to read your blog.
    Eileen @ Cottage Beach House

  21. Okay, after all these compliments... Do you really need another? (lol)
    Girl you have an awesome way of coming up with great ideas!
    And of course I too like this latest project of yours.

    Have a great Market show!

    P.s. I searched and searched at michaels for the Blender/transfer marker... They looked at me as if they had no clue what I was talking about!
    Now I will never find it.

  22. The bottle transformation is so cool!!! But you re-purposing the rose shower curtain hooks~~~genius.


  23. This is really pretty--I could see it being used as a stylish paperweight in a French-inspired office!

  24. Unbelievable! I can't get over the before and now the after. You are so creative. Good luck at your show!

  25. Rosemary, The bottle is beautiful and very creative! Thanks for linking to the Open House Party.


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