Friday, December 16, 2011

Estate Shopping

Want to go estate sale shopping with me?  You know my passion for urns and statuary?  Well,  here is a look at the exterior an estate sale my hubby and I went to today.  Since it's just like me to buy cement in the dead of winter, some of it came home with us.  Can you guess what?

This lady is over 5 feet tall.

Love these.

There were a couple of these broken beauties.

Another life size statue.

Love the color on these.

This little fountain is so cute.

So, what came home with me?

That's right, my cherub family.  I also purchased, the broken beauties, metal chairs,  the little fountain with the birds, the poodle, and.....

I didn't care that this was broken.  This base would look great displayed inside or out.

This grouping was in the front of the house.  The two pedestals are about the perfect size to hold a couple cherubs.

The fountain and life size ladies are still a contemplation.  We're planning to go back tomorrow.  I'll have to take shots of my other buys from this sale.  I  have finds from a different sale to share as well.  See ya soon.

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  1. WOW what great finds. I would have bought them too. And the two tall ladies:) Can't wait to see where you put them.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. OMG, one of my favorite things, well two, concrete and cherubs. I am so jealous. U done good. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. oh my aching back ... I always get 'the look' from D. when I show interst in concrete ... he always comes thru though

    love it all

  4. So YOU!!! I'm happy for you to have found them in such a lovely weathered state, too.

  5. Hi Rosemary,
    Wow, what a great new collection...
    Beautiful and aged to perfection.
    Good for you!
    All the Best,

  6. wow, Rosemary, what amazing finds. My favorites are the fountain and the chairs.

  7. Love those statues! I have a cherub statue on my stair landing off my front porch. I found him at an antique shop and plan to always keep him. Mine has the blanket around him. I think I read or heard somewhere that these are seasonal statues. There is one representing each season. The blanket statue represents Winter. Have you heard that? Maybe you have all 4 of them representing each season!

  8. Just to find an estate sale like that must be just heaven! Loving EVERYTHING there. The life size ladies would have me going back too, I mean, where would you ever find them so beautifully aged like that again! ~Lili

  9. WOW! Looks like you hit the mother lode! Can't wait to see what else makes it back to your place. You are going to be BIZEE!


  10. you find the most amazing pieces!!..
    love the life size statues..hope you get them!! and all the little cherubs are so darling...
    can't wait to see the rest of the things you picked up..

  11. Wow, I've never seen so much gorgeous statuary in one place. It's all beautiful but for some reason the broken feet speak to me. That's not to say that I wouldn't have taken any of them in a heartbeat.You have a really fun job!

  12. woah, that is a lot of great stuff you have been able to bring home!! I love the old cement work, it is gorgeous, and I can appreciate it all, broken or not.

  13. That was a truly good estate sale. Joe shakes his head when I start buying concrete.

  14. Am I the only person who doesn't like Cherubs? I find them creepy. Something about little fat men with penis's posed like that, it's just weird.

  15. fantastic, I am in love with stone statues- such unusual examples-
    just added you to my blog list- come on by and enter my giveaway,

  16. YOur dream sale!! I like them just as they are, but I am sure you have some huge plans!!


  17. My goodness, you found some great stuff. I love those feet that were broken. Such great pieces.

    What a fun estate sale.

  18. Rosemary can I come shopping with you one day!?;) What great finds but I must say I am not a fan of that poodle. I am sure you will work wonders on it though!

  19. Oh, you know how I feel about concrete... I've been holding out making the trip, but now what am I to do? Love those finds!!!

  20. Heck yes I'll go cement shopping with you!!! OMG I love it too! It's so hard up here in Alaska to find things with great architectural details. But I do live in South Carolina part of the year and that is the Gold Mine for all things wrought iron, concrete, vintage, antiques. I just haven't figured out how to get it back up here to Narnia. lol. I really like the chippy feet piece that you enjoyed as well. All the one's you chose are gorgeous!


  21. Wow! They are all fabulous! I would have bought several of those...

  22. Rosemary, the statuary is so pretty! I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  23. I sensed those cherubs were going to be adopted by you, and of course, those incredible chairs!
    I love estate sales! Can't wait to see what else you found!

    hope you have an incredible weekend,

  24. What great finds,have fun with them,.


  25. Rosemary, A big fat 'WOW'! Love what you found. What a fun sale. I have fallen in love with urns lately and have been dumbfounded at how expensive they are. Have bought a couple, hoping to find better deals. Love your cherubs, and the chairs are gorgeous!

  26. I'm in love with the damaged cherib laying on the ground! are not crazy...It's called passionate!!! ;)

  27. Wow! Great finds, enjoyed dear:-)

  28. Wow, what awesome finds! I really liked the lady statue too, but I bet she weighs a ton. Happy Holidays, Theresa

  29. This is the first poodle I've seen! Great finds Rosemary!!!

  30. Great buys, all! I can hardly wait to see what you do with them. You are the best!

  31. Great finds Rosemary; I especially love the damaged pieces - such character!


  32. Awesome finds!! Such a collection they had. Love the broken ones! Good luck when you go back!

  33. Cherubs, cherubs, cherubs. Wow, you really made out great. That poodle cracked me up, unexpected I think.

  34. What finds!! Great stuff and you can forget about going to the gym after moving all that weight!!!


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