Friday, September 30, 2011

Cherub Rack

This redesign happened after a little accident.

This composition cherub was gold when I got her. I painted her white, and placed her very haphazardly in the garage. It was an accident waiting to happen.

I knew I could repair her, but I wanted to attach her to something. I thought about doing a plaque, but that's what she was already. Then I spotted these in the corner.

I used my heavy duty glue to attach her to the center, and drilled a couple screws through the back. Sorry, no pics.

I wanted to keep that imperfect look. So, I gave it a little sanding, and painted right over the chippy paint. I applied one coat of grey, and about three coats of my white paint/gesso mix. The chips are still present, along with peeks of grey.

I drilled two holes on either side, and attached glass knobs.

Now it's a nice rack. Coats, towels, or whatever.

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  1. Sounds like it ended up becoming a happy accident! What a terrific idea, and a great way to salvage and repurpose that adorable cherub!!

  2. Fabulous!! I wish I could live in your brain for a day and try and soak up a fraction of your talent and creativity :)

    Lou Cinda

  3. Perfect as always. It is just beautiful. Bobbie

  4. Accident or turned out great!

  5. Great save! I got to visit several other posts...blogger didn't let me know about them...hummm.. Love the fall look and the roses you made...

  6. That is gorgeous! I wish my accidents turned out like that!

  7. Again.....Amazing! You are just so talented to create something like that from two very disparate pieces! I love it. Do you plan on keeping that or selling it?

  8. her is a sweetie, to be sure!

    can't wait until we can reconnect again!

    need stuff

  9. What an ingenious idea! I never doubted for a minute while reading your post that you wouldn't find a way to fix and re-purpose your cherub. Brilliant!


  10. I love how you can make something beautiful and useful out of something broken. And it's about time we had another hit of cherubs, lol.

  11. Hi Rosemary,
    I don't deserve your sweet comments you are way to kind and a beautiful soul :)

    Blessed with your encouragement and faithful visits :)
    You my friend create out of passion, and I know what you mean when something breaks, I have a hard time using it, then I rethink it and look at all the original pieces of Frett work, art, moldings that have cracked through age and time not being kind to it. I will glue it with GORILLA GLUE!! then glue it down to a wood piece, then add pin hole drilled into it to mount it down with finishing nails, to then add plaster in the cracks and more aging of paint and I then have what will last another life and looking instantly antique :)

    I love all the mishaps, sometimes our biggest mistakes turn out to be our best pieces of work :)

    Keep inspiring your beauty!

  12. so glad you were able to salvage your little cherub..she's so sweet... and lovely towel rack, this is perfect for the kitchen, imho.. best,

  13. What a cute project! It would be fun in a vintage bathroom, I think!

  14. What a wonderful idea! I just love all your cherub things wishing I could find a few myself. Love the coat rack.

  15. What a great "accident"! Wow, only you could have created something so beautiful out of that! The more I see of your work, the more I admire your talent! God bless you!

  16. Another inspired idea! How perfect that would me in a bathroom...

  17. I love this! And you know how crazy I am about cherubs! So sweet and what a great save on your part with your creativity! Bravo! xo, Leena

  18. Just found your blog tonight and I am so inspired by your style and your awesome creations. After pouring over your posts, I have fallen in love with your technique achieved with gesso. It is so gorgeous over here, so glad I found you! ~Lili

  19. Hi Rosemary, I've been catching up on all of your post. I love each one. This is so gorgeous, if you are selling it someone is going to be thrilled to own such a wonderful piece.

  20. You have such a "natural eye" for designing beautifully Rosemary...I just LOVE visiting you!

  21. To answer your question, I LOVE all your Post! You can't go wrong! Your to sweet to share your talent! I hope to make a rose one day!


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