Thursday, September 15, 2011

Old World Chalkboard and Gesso

OK, here is another little tidbit about gesso. You can use it to make a chalkboard.

The frame here was gold.

I did a three part mix of white gesso, black gesso, and a little spackling paste. This is what I ended up with. The addition of the spackling paste with the gesso, created a thick, almost frosting like mixture.

I dry brushed the mixture on the frame to get this. A nice old world look.

To make the chalkboard, I brushed a thick coat of the mixture on the backer board, let it dry, and sanded it slightly.

Please, please, please, if you try this, wear a mask when you sand. Although I didn't use much spackling paste in the mix, it has crystalline silica and other ingredients in it that can be harmful to your lungs. BE SAFE.

This is what I got. This great irregular finish.

I wiped the surface with a damp cloth, to remove any residue, and let it dry again. I then rubbed chalk all over the surface, and erased it. This preps the surface for writing, and gives it a much used appearance.

So, I got a nice old world frame, and a chalkboard for very little money, and I really didn't use very much of the mixture.

You can get the same effect using only gesso. I just mixed black and white gesso to make this little chalkboard.

I did a post on finds a while back, which included this mirror.

Where is the mirror, you ask? I broke it. I was so annoyed with myself, that I put the frame away and forgot about it. Today, I decided to bring it back out.

A unique chalkboard.

Guess how I got this cool effect on my mirror. No, it's not muriatic acid.

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  1. You are genius! Who would have thought. Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  2. I love it!! It seems like the gesso is just like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ~ I was just curious if you have tried it and if they are pretty much the same ~
    Okay how did you do the mirror ? It is awesome!


  3. Wow, you just keep creating magic!! I love it. Now how did you do the mirror? That is wild! There is no end to your imagination!

  4. RTM as always I love it!! Seriously you should have a TV show *winks* Vanna

  5. Such clever ideas! I have a chalkboard in my kitchen by using chalkboard paint, but I've never heard of using gesso. Thanks for the tip.

  6. I would have never thought that white and black gesso could be used to make a chalkboard. Amazing! How on earth did you figure that it would do that?


  7. flat black paint doubles as chalkboard REALLY well, too ...

    genius girl!!

  8. I love your gesso pieces! I have to try that sometime soon.

  9. Now you are leaving us with cliff hangers?! Come on, how DID you do that mirror??? It is the coolest.

  10. Ok....little Miss Rock amazed me once again. lol! I love learning from you because you make me step outside my box and try new things! Thank you, Ro!!! I had no idea that gesso could be used that way. I painted with it for the first time the other day, and you're right. It does make the paint silkier with more body. NOW I must try that olde world look....! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. i love the chalkboard frame and mirror. i really love the finish you gave the frame, so clever.

  12. That is super Rosemary. Very unique piece. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Who knew you could use gesso as a chalkboard -- learning something every time I pop by here. :)

  14. Lovely pieces! I'm guessing you used bleach on the mirror? Knowing you, it's something simple, but we never would've thought of it. :)

  15. I'm such a sinner! I'm totally coveting that first chalkboard! Thanks for coming by and giving my little blog encouragement & when I do the tutorial I will be sure to share a link back to you since I couldn't have done this latest piece without you. :-)

  16. Hi rosemary, I love those transformations with Gesso, I'm gonna have to get me some next week, is the plaster of Paris similar or I'm way off.
    Wishing you a great weekend!
    XXX Ido

  17. Rosemary, I had NO IDEA you could make a chalkboard with gesso. Thanks for the tutorial. This is an adorable (and practical) project.

  18. That old world chalkboard is so lovely and unique. Thanks for sharing your technique!!!

  19. Wow! Thanks for this idea. It's so great. I must try. I recently painted a cork-board with a gesso plus Martha Paint mixture.

    But this takes Gesso to another level!

    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking

    A Mother Seeking...

    My City Backyard Garden

  20. very beautiful! Loving these unique chalkboard pieces!

  21. Love the mirror, it turned out wonderful! Great tip on the gesso will have to try that at some point, thanks for sharing, Laura Cottage and Broome

  22. Now thats a chalk board to fall in love with. I love it.

  23. cool ideas for chalk boards...and a gorgeous frame and I love the mirror chalkboard sweet..

  24. You find the most amazing frames! They are all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I followed you over from Show and Tell Saturday.

  25. You have some really amazing and do-able (is that a word?) ideas. I came here from the linky at Under the Table and Dreaming.

  26. Such clever ideas! I have a chalkboard in my kitchen by using chalkboard paint, but I've never heard of using gesso. It is great tip.
    western movies

  27. Very pretty effects! Glad you pulled out that little mirror and worked on it -- that's my favorite!

  28. Rosemary! You are so talented!
    I love that sweet little mirror the best.
    thanks for sharing @ ccc

  29. Rosemary,
    This is fabulous! So glad you keep showing people like me how to transform things without spending a fortune. Priceless information! Thank you for linking with Home Sweet Home!


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