Tuesday, November 1, 2016


A curious post?  Yes, I know.  I've been away for awhile, and, there's a reason for it.  Back in September, I ended up in the Emergency Room, and, posted this on Facebook.

"Let's start with the fact that I should have paid attention to warning signs sooner, taken my fluctuating BP more seriously, and, followed the same good advice I've given "everyone else". Go ahead, yell at me!
This all started with a dental appointment (I was having some pain this past weekend). After x-rays, I found out I had an infection. This however is not why I ended up in the emergency room. Before treatment I would need to take antibiotics. Before proceeding, however, any dentist should take your blood pressure. Mine was high (180/108). "I think you need to go to the emergency room", she said. When I arrived, they checked it again, and, it was 188/117. After checking me into a room, it had soared to 226/118. That's when the BP meds, blood tests, IV, EKG, etc. started. I was in the stroke/heart attack zone.
The test for my heart was a little off the first time, and, I had to do the blood test again. Hours and hours passed, while I prayed, and, thought of my family and friends. This could have been way worse. Finally, all of the tests came back, and, I was released. I'm on antibiotics, and meds right now. I have follow ups, and, needless to say, I have some changes to make."

What followed has been multiple trips back and forth to the doctor's office, many blood tests (to rule out other issues), switching BP meds several times, dealing with side effects, feeling depleted, and, weathering more than one infection.

However, Praise the Lord, I'm starting to feel somewhat "normal".  Resting and focusing on myself is a foreign concept to me, but, I had to do it to start feeling better.  I'm ready to tackle these last two months of the year.  Starting with a great market.

I'll be a vendor at the 3 French Hens Holiday Market.  I'm so looking forward to it.  I'll have a bunch, and, promise to share pics.

Till next time.


  1. Oh my goodness Rosemary. I am so happy they found your high blood pressure when they did. I never knew I had high blood pressure, just months prior it was normal. How it sky rockets in a few months has always bugged me. I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and need to slow it down. Diet and exercise helps. My prayers are with you, this sounds like I could have typed it. Take care.

  2. Please take care of yourself. I look forward to your posts and plan to read many for a long time to come. Fondly, Eileen

  3. Oh Rosemary you did have guardian angels looking out for you to get your attention. Please take care of yourself. Life is too precious.

  4. Wow Rosemary, what a scare. Amen, God is watching over you but please take care of yourself.
    Sending blessing,

  5. Oh my goodness Rosemary, how frightening for you! Thank God for tooth pain! Please take good care of yourself...you are quite special!

  6. Oh my goodness Rosemary, how frightening for you! Thank God for tooth pain! Please take good care of yourself...you are quite special!

  7. Oh wow! How frightening!
    Hope you're feeling better each day!
    Good luck at the market and can't wait to see pics!

  8. Rosemary, I don't usually comment on your post, but love to see what you do. When I saw this pop up in the in-box I realized you had been missing for awhile. I wish I lived closer, I would go to your sale just to give you a hug! It's so scary going in for something routine only to be told you have a life-threatening issue and you need to be in the hospital! Five years ago I went to get staples taken out of my leg after surgery for a broken leg. I ended up in the ER because I had multiple blood clots in both lungs. I know exactly how you felt, laying there having people work on you, thinking about your loved ones and wondering what will happen. It certainly can be a long road back to "normal." You certainly don't look like the candidate for this type of health issue. But you've got to be thankful for that dental appointment, otherwise it could have been much worse. It pays to "listen" to those whispers that our body gives us when it's not working quite right. I'm so glad you're feeling better and are on the mend again. I know your customers must have missed you! Blessings for continued recovery.

  9. Rosemary !!!!!!!!!!
    Thank God and all your guardian angels you are doing so good. How scary for you and me reading this. I wondered why you had not been blogging thought maybe just burned out on posting since your so busy.
    I am so glad you are posting again

    sincerely Janice

  10. Oh YIKES!

    Well, praise be to GOD that you are ok and are now being monitored and doing the right things. Whew. SCARY!

    Hope you have a great gift selling season, Rosemary. Have you on my prayer list now.

    Hugs. ♥

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  12. Wow...an extremely high BP! Glad you are feeling better, but don't you need to slow down or something? I think I'm a no-reply blogger, but I don't know how to fix it.

  13. I'm glad you are feeling better. Missed ya!


  14. I JUSTTTT read this!! OMG! Prayers and REST!!

  15. what a fright Rosemary, hope you are feeling better now xx


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