Monday, September 28, 2015


The past few months have been a little draining.  Shows, sales, real life issues, etc., wore me down a bit.  I had to find time for breathers.

Right now, I'm getting back to listing on Etsy, and, getting ready for the last outside Three French Hens market.

Come out and see me.  It may be my last show this year.


  1. I understand the recouping thing. I was unable to handle doing the booth with my illnesses although I haven't announced it on my blog yet. Feel better and get plenty of rest! Your Etsy creations are so beautiful!

  2. Take a deep breath honey! And try to find some me time for yourself. Hugs! And of course I love your sign. =)


  3. Make sure you give yourself some time to rest, too, Rosemary! The holidays will be here before you know it and you don't want to be sick! : )

  4. You are loved and appreciated so much. We need you in our lives and want you to rest and take care of yourself. I love the Deer Crossing sign in your shop and hope you make a lot of those which should sell well before the holidays. Love you!

  5. Vintage shows are so much fun, but they can be grueling! Good to hear that you're taking a breather, just don't wear yourself out again. You know I'd love to come shop!!!

  6. Rosemary you have been so creatively busy and doing all the shows I would of collapsed months ago. I'll be checking out etsy for your inspired and gorgeous listings. Have a delightful last show of the season.


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