Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sale Over, I'm Exhausted, Not Many Photos

My two day sale is over, and, I'm happy, but, seriously exhausted.

I posted this photo of myself on FB just before the sale.  I was exhausted at the time.  However, I was told that I looked happy.  So, evidently, my tired face, and, my happy face are the same. LOL

Photos at the sale?  Well, I was so busy getting ready for the sale, and, so busy dealing with customers at the sale, that, I didn't get as many photos as I'd liked.

Customers came in cars,


and, trucks.

Quite a few customers left with piles.  Some came out both days.

I'm so very grateful for two successful days of selling.  However, again,

I wish I'd taken more photos.  Especially of my friends who came from 40 or more miles away.

A great big thank you to all who came out.

So, if you think my garage is empty, think again.  I'm pretty sure items breed in there when I'm not looking.  There's always more to create, and, acquire.

See ya soon.


  1. What a great picture, you do look so happy! I'm not surprised you had such a good turnout with all your wonderful treasures. I had no time to take pictures at my sale on Sunday, I blinked and it was over. Funny, I think there's a lot of breeding going on in my garage too.

  2. Hi Rosemary..
    It sounds like your sale went very well! Good for you.. Everything looks so nice....and I believe what you say about the stuff breeding, Haha! I love your new photo. So pretty! Blessings for your week..
    Tamara XO

  3. Hey pretty Rosemary...congrats on the great sales! I'm so happy for you.
    I would have bought that corner shelf with the prayer sign for my kitchen.
    Have a rested and happy week sweet friend.

  4. You do look happy, Rosemary. Lovely photo of you, and great pics of your amazing goods. Wish I lived closer to visit your sale!

  5. You look pretty darn good for all the work involved in this kind of sale. I so wish I lived closer; I would be the person with a truck!!! haha I'm happy you had a successful sale.

  6. It sounds like a success, Rosemary!

    I liked that picture when you posted it on Facebook. Maybe your tired face is the same as your happy face because you accomplished what you had set out to with your sale. : )

  7. That really IS a great picture! I knew your sale would be a success! Now rest up!

  8. Rosemary your photo is very charming and yes you do look happy. Congrats on your successful weekend. You work so hard I hope you are going to pamper yourself and enjoy some rest.

  9. Looks like an awesome time, Rosemary! Wish that I lived closer. . .or that I was travelling to Chicago when you happen to have your next (I could convince Carl to stop along the way). Just love, love your style!

  10. Happy & beautiful Rosemary :)


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