Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rose Heart

I'm still designing, and, utilizing my salvaged wood.

With this piece, I also added clay roses.  Yes, I made the roses.

It all started when I decided to cut a few hearts.  After cutting, and, painting, I just thought they needed something extra.

The clay roses were applied, and, I gave it a chippy finish.

I'm happy with it now.

I'll be bringing some to 3 French Hens next week.

Looking forward to seeing my locals.

Now, I have to get back to work.


  1. Wishing I was close to you and that sale...I love these hearts!


  2. Your clay roses were just what was needed. Love these, and I know you'll sell them all!

  3. Hi Rosemary,
    These are so pretty. Love the roses you made for the heart. I hope to see you at 3 French Hens.

  4. Of course you made the roses! Everything you make is gorgeous and the roses are the perfect finishing touch for your darling hearts! I so wish I was lived nearer to you so that I might have a chance to shop one of the sales or markets where you have a booth. I want the whole Rosemary experience.


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