Thursday, April 30, 2015

Box Transformation

If you know me at all, you know some of my favorite things to transform, are boxes.  I even did a couple posts on box transformations a while back.  Well, here's one I just finished.

This is what it looked like before.

It had been painted over, the lock did not work, and, it wasn't, me.

I removed the top, and, used wood filler for the holes.

The handle is a metal piece I've had lying around for some time.  It was originally attached to a broken glass serving dish.  I believe it was in the free box at a garage sale.  I loved the ornate details, and, knew I'd find a use for it eventually.

After attaching the handle, I gave the entire piece a layered, grey, and, white, finish.

I made the metal "Paris" tag for the front.

Much better, don't you think?

If you'd like more box transformation ideas, you can check out my previous posts by clicking HERE, and, HERE.

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  1. It's absolutely gorgeous.

    Well done, Rosemary. You sure do know how to transform things into works of art!

  2. I love this beauty! I see you used one of your special tags. I bought some with the thought of using some on one of my shrines but when it comes to actually attaching one it is just too hard to do because I love them so much. I am a Villabarnes tag hoarder, lol!

  3. Thats one amazing transformation Rosemary, you created a real treasure.

  4. You are such a talented gal. It is a work of art.

  5. Just beautiful, Rosemary! Is it for sale? Let me know. Thank you. Leticia

  6. Beautiful!! Great imagination!! I love it!

  7. Much, much better! It's loaded with vintage personality now.

  8. you never fail to inspire me with your resourcefulness and creativity . i love it. xx


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