Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hunt and Gather Market

I'm getting ready for the  Hunt and Gather Market, in Crown Point, IN, this weekend.

I'm crazy busy, but, thought I'd share a tiny bit of what I'm bringing.

Looking forward to seeing all my locals.


  1. Hi Rosemary..
    Everything looks all of your tones that you work together! Books are always some of my favorites. I wish you the best of success at the market.


  2. Beautiful as always, best of luck at the market.

  3. Great stuff, Rosemary. I see an apple basket in there that I might have to copy. Never know what to do with those things. Good luck at your market.

  4. It all looks so good, Rosemary! I love those canvases? in the first picture. I'm sure you will do well!

  5. Everything looks wonderful.
    I wish could attend.
    Good luck to you. I am sure you will do well.

  6. I'm new to your page and LOVE it!
    Wish I could attend but I'm in Cali. Good luck!

  7. Wonderful, beautiful, adorable! Cross my fingers for the market!
    Happy spring

  8. Rosemary - I would so ove to attend a market to meet you and see all of your fabulous creativity in eal life. Distance is always the problem. However, I love feasting my eyes upon your wares via your blog. If I was able to go to the market, I would certainly want a couple or three of those precious angels, a coupleof those peat pots, onyone of your great books and I might pick up an apothecary bottle as well. What a great vignette that would make! Wishing you all the best at the market!

  9. So many beautiful things as always...I am crushing on those books!

  10. Look at all of those goodies! I could go a little crazy...if I lived closer. ;)



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