Friday, January 24, 2014

Experimenting with Finishes

That's what I've been doing.  Working on that authentic chipped away finish I love so much.

Here's how the piece above started.

After layers of at least five different mediums, I got this.

Like I said, I'm experimenting.  This is more artistic than specific.  I grabbed various things I had on hand, and, just winged it. There's some of my homemade paint (from the Farragoz course), and, some of my own concoctions in the mix.

I like what happened.

Here are a few other experiments.

A metal butterfly.

A wooden plaque.

I molded this angel wing with clay, and layered on this finish.

I'm about to tackle a few frames, and, boxes.

See ya soon.


  1. just love to discover a .. alchemy!

  2. I REALLY like what happened. I guess you just never know what you're going to get. They all look so authentic.

  3. They definitely have that original paint look which I love so much. Beautifully aged.

  4. Pretty color, Rosemary! I love the detail on that first piece.

  5. Love the green colour and the finish, definitely looks like they are a few centuries old! I think you have mastered the technique. Can't wait to get to the point you are at with the Farragoz course, to the point of experimenting!

  6. Just did some shopping at your new Zibbet store. Nice wares, Rosemary - keep up the wonderful work, ma'am!!


  7. Your finishes are amazing! I got my cross/heart today and I just love it. Thank you! :)

  8. Genius! =)
    Love absolutely all!

  9. Beautiful! I love the artistic vs. specific approach. So many wonderful discoveries and creative results!

  10. Beautiful outcome Rosemary. Love how all the pieces came out. Hope you are staying warm

  11. First, thank you for getting me to take the Farragoz course. Second I have been playing around with patinas and finishes and wondered If you have tried them on concrete. I have a few of the old (40's) yard animals and would love to get off the modern paint and add an old finish. Think it would hold up to the outside?

  12. The patinas that you create are so incredibly beautiful, Rosemary. They just take my breath away because they look so old! It's just incredible! I want to try to get a chippy patina on a new wood cabinet I'm having built for me. If I layer on ASCP really thick and goopy, would I get a really big and chippy look like you did here....?

    xoxo laurie

  13. I love these Rosemary. My favorite is the first one. Hope all is well!!


  14. I love how you turn everything into a treasure. Beautiful!

  15. Lovely lovely lovely! The metal butterfly just took my breath away. xo

  16. I absolutely love all the old finishes you are coming up with....

    wish I would take time to play like that.

    that top piece might be my favorite yet.


  17. Love the finishes Rosemary! The chipped layers give each piece a 3-D unique. The colors are beautiful and of course, wonderfully original. I've got a vintage cloche that would look fabulous showcasing your butterfly!

  18. Loved reading about you on Kris's blog. Hope you are doing well and enjoy your weekend:-)


  19. I just read all about you and hopped on over! Great blog and what great finishes, great touches!

  20. Yummy! Looking forward to a tutorial on that fabulous chippy finish!



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