Saturday, September 28, 2013

Transferring Color Images To Rocks

It had been a while since I checked my blog statistics.  I already know that my tutorials are my most viewed posts.  No surprise there.  However, I'm still surprised about what is officially now, my most viewed post, PERIOD.

ROCKS.  That's right.  My post about transferring images to rocks, stone, and marble has blown away every other post I've done since starting this blog two years ago. BTW, I've done over 500 posts.

You can check the original post, "Playing With Rocks"  HERE.  It's also one of the tutorials on my sidebar.

Seriously, this was one of those posts I almost didn't bother doing.  Now, I'm glad I did. Thanks to many features, and a TON of pins, I have consistent traffic, emails, and gratitude.

It's such a simple concept, but, it's something most people feel they can do.  There's very little cost involved.  If you mess up, just get another rock. LOL

Up until now, I've only shared black and white transfers.  However, I like doing color as well.  I did these colorful floral rocks using the same technique.

I just used a color copy.

Remember, it has to be a toner based copy.  Ink jet copies don't work.

Keeping on rockin'.

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  1. They're beautiful Rosemary...I can see why they got a lot of views!

  2. I love this method of transfer, but have a really hard time finding the old style toner copiers.

  3. Ever since the Pet Rock phenomenon I think I understand why your beautiful rock transfers are so popular. I myself love rocks and marble and natural stone materials. With your transfers they become a wonderful decor/gift item. Thank you for always sharing your how-to's so freely. Creative Bliss Dear...

  4. You so have me laughing with the "if you mess it up just go get another rock". I guess that certainly takes the pressure off for all of us. lol I'm not surprised that is a big hit for you. They really are pretty.

  5. That is just the coolest idea. Ever! Love the Eiffel Tower one. Rocks? Who knew!


  6. They're just as gorgeous as the rest of your rocks. Love them.

  7. People like me never thought painting on rocks could look so awesome. Pinning this for sure.

  8. Rosemary they are gorgeous. Keep doing what you do my dear.


  9. I'm not at all surprised by your wonderful stats Rosemary. You are not only talented, but also very generous with your information and tutorials. Keep it coming... we love what you do ♥

  10. Rosemary I am not surprised! You are so talented! Can you please rub some of your creative talent on me :-)

  11. It's a super cute idea. It's not surprising that it's your most popular diy. :) Thanks for sharing it!

  12. These are very fun, and look 'doable' even for amateurs like me! :)

  13. These are truly stunning. I am going to try this down the road!


  14. Love this project Rosemary,
    I so remember a grade school teacher having us transfer leaves fern leaf pater ends on rocks by pounding the print and the stain of the leaf was died to the rock :)
    Yours my dear are so much more beautiful. So many uses for them like a garden wedding, vignettes with photos used as center pieces, family reunions with photos on them at tables, and of course your great ideas.
    Another of you projects I would love to try.

    Beautiful fall to you.

  15. OMGosh Not another project for me to try LOL hahahahahah

    I like those flat rocks I find out on the North West coast of Oregon and they would be perfect for your project so leaving it to you LOL

  16. I so love them...they are some of my favorites of your beautiful projects.


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