Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Vignette That Changed, and Changed

It all started after my impromptu sale this past weekend.

I've been spending so much time these past few months on the garage, I though It was time to do some organizing, and rearranging inside.

Simple, right?  Wrong.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time on just one spot. Something I don't normally do. I'm blaming it on fatigue.

It started with the vignette above.  Then,

I thought the clock face I painted would make a better backdrop.  The tray made the whole area too dark. Adding shades of white and grey lightened it up.

After posting both pics on FB, some liked the tray, and some liked the clock face. However, it was my good friend Nancy who said she liked the tray and the clock face, but, didn't care for the scale. She thought it was too commonly used in vignettes.  Too normal for me.

I actually use this scale for weighing packages I ship.  It's always somewhere in the living room. However, after our email exchange, I decided she was right.  It may actually be going in the kitchen, Nancy. LOL

I moved the lamp, and added two vintage bottles, an old photo, weathered book, and my cherub. Hmmmmmm, still not happy.

Then, I thought about my hanging basket.  The one in my studio.

I recently added crystal beads, and a candle to it.  The candle is sitting on an old tin jar lid.

I took the basket off, rearranged the beads a little, and, sat it on the table.

Okay, liking it.

Then, I didn't like the old photo there.  So, I changed it to a stack of vintage numerical book pages.

I thought the bottle might work, but..................No.  My cherub just looks cool with the clock.

The vintage numerical pages needed something too.  How about a gold leafed snifter.

Let's call this is my version of Fall decor.  A little unusual, but, so am I. LOL

Thanks for the push, Nancy.  This feels better.

Oh yes, I want to thank the troopers who came to my impromptu sale. Even with silly hot weather one day, and a downpour the next, dedicated customers braved both. Every time a box full of stuff, cabinet, stand, etc., walked away, I was thrilled.


  1. YES! It looks like something "Rosemary" now. Love the vintage and the glitz and sparkle. You got it! Love you.

  2. LOVE it Rosemary - but I liked the scale too :)

  3. It looks good any way you arrange it!
    Love your clock face.

  4. Love that amazing clock face you painted, no matter how you changed things up, I loved them all!

  5. Rosemary, I liked it before, I like it now..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  6. I Love the image of the basket hanging.

  7. lol. i do that ALL the time! so you're either in good company or we're BOTH crazy! ADORE the new vignette! :)

  8. You are too funny! When you just aren't feeling it, you aren't feeling it. I get that way too. I personally liked the scale in the one shot!


  9. I love it Rosemary but I have to say I liked the scale too. I love the cherub with your clock. It is so pretty.

  10. Heck, I liked them all.

    You can hardly do wrong in my eyes, lady.

    Hope you get some rest and feeling super energetic soon.


  11. I love your basket! I will definitely be on the hunt for something similar. Great embellishment!

  12. i like the new candle holder you've made. nice piture

    love sanne

  13. Oh dear, this sounds like the way I operate all too often. I liked it all, but the final vignette choice is so unique and pretty. Love your style!


  14. Whew, my head is spinning, Rosemary, trying to keep up with all of your changes:)! Love the magic you work on all of your vignette. Bet you will still be changing it out soon!!

  15. I am wore out after all that rearranging LOL

    I liked the final look as well as the first
    also wish I could have came to the sale and dug in some of your boxes even though my boxes are all full LOl

    Always fun coming over here

  16. I know the feeling Rosemary, I do that all of the time. All of your trials are pretty, but the final one is all you. It's a beautiful vignette.

  17. This happens constantly with me, too. With EVERYTHING artistic/aesthetic that I endeavor to do!!!

    The amazing thing is, no matter what iteration/version of your vignette, each was stunning.

    *******The damask wallpaper or stencil??? that you have in the background, in your studio, I believe....if it's wallpaper, is it all cool gray tones or more neutral beige/tan? If it's more neutral, and it IS wallpaper, where did you get it? I'm trying to find something exactly like that....ordered some online, but it was shiny....and I'm looking for a more subdued matte finish....and love love love yours......


    PS You are a creative genius....I'm not exaggerating~

  18. It's just one of those things, you have something in your mind that you wish to achieve - but in the end it becomes something different all together - love the final vignette!

  19. Awesome vignette! I really LOVE that scale Rosemary. Feel free to come organize me anytime:)

  20. Your time spent arranging your vignette was well spent. The final display is wonderful. Each element is playing off the other elements. Well done dear...

  21. It works for me as a fall display. Time moving on as they year slips away and all. Very interesting and peaceful!

  22. You got style, Rosemary! Simple as that. Love ALL of your vignettes!

  23. hi Rosemary, love this vignette and I know full well, switching and swapping out over and over. I started a fall vignette on the foyer table and so far have changed it 4 times. LOL.....

  24. Well I love your vignette! It takes me allot of time to put mine together.Sometimes I have to walk away and think about it and then come back to it.Lots of moving and changing.


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