Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fun Focused Finds

I'm being very good after my 5-day sale.  I've been resting a little, and organizing.  Yes, I'm still organizing The Abyss.  It's getting a makeover.

The Abyss is not empty (I still have lots of items to incorporate into my redesigns), but, it's considerably cleaner, and open.  I can do a cartwheel or two, without hitting anything.  I'm VERY happy about that. Since I don't want the nightmare to return, I'm being very strict about what I acquire.  I like what I acquired today.

My friend Sharon gave me a heads up on a sale that started a day earlier than advertised.  This was a sale I was planning to go to anyway.  The lady having the sale, was at MY sale, and mentioned it. However, I didn't know she had a preview day.

I'd just taken a shower after working in the garage, when Sharon called and said, "You need to get over here, this is your kinda stuff".

I jumped in the car, my hair still wet, and went right over.

This isn't everything. I also purchased a large vintage iron shelf with a double curved top, and peeling grey/blue paint, more cherub items, etc.  I'll share the rest later.  Great prices on everything.

I'll be giving a few pieces a makeover.

This next find didn't come from the sale, but, from a local thrift store.  I spotted it from across the room, and couldn't get there fast enough.

It's 13" tall, and carved out of wood.

I asked my Facebook friends if I should do one of my paint treatments on it.  I'm having a bit of a struggle deciding.  So far, "Paint It" is winning on FB.  What do you think?  Paint? Leave alone?

I'll be back on the hunt tomorrow.  Fun, focused, finds.....That's what I want.

See ya soon.

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  1. I vote for painting it.

    I love the decorative pieces you found. I know what you mean about cleaning up so you can move. It seems as soon as I get everything organized then I start a project, or 2, and it is back to normal. Even on a good day I couldn't do a cartwheel in my space, or for that matter anywhere.

  2. Oh yes paint it. Everything you found is gorgeous.

  3. I hope you are in good health! I know you were struggling this past spring...garages can be overwhelming. I know what you mean about being careful in what you acquire...for me, I always have to balance, how fast can I re-do it, what kind of resources will I need- and do I have those resources already, how old is it really, and will I get to park my car in the garage by late November??? :) Your angel is darling... I like him rusty brown, but you always do miracles, so I think he'll turn out great either way.

  4. paint it! paint it! i cant wait! ;)

  5. I'm laughing at the image of you flying out of the shower, wet hair and all and booking it to a garage sale:)

    That cherub is gorgeous! I know you're going to faint but I honestly think, do not paint him! He's so lovely as is! Maybe make him a little flower wreath or a crown:)

  6. Oh my gosh, you got such great things, Rosemary! It's probably a good thing you got over to that sale; I'm sure a lot of that stuff would have been gone the next day. Love that wood statue. I thought it was metal. I think it would look good painted, but it also looks good "as is", so I guess it depends what you are going to do with it {sell it, keep it}.

  7. PAINT the wooden BOY !!! LOL

    and what new treasures you found and thank God for friends that calls and tells us about sales going on

  8. Oooh, you found such cool stuff!! I would paint the wooden angel because i think it would help the details to stand out more.

  9. I say paint it! With your talent and touch you will add such beauty to an already beautiful piece. Love all of your goodies. Can't wait to see you work your magic!!!


  10. I would absolutely not paint this piece. The wood grain is fabulous and will give texture to whatever space you put it in. It is just beautiful the way it is.

  11. Love it all, I think you should paint the cherub. Your finish's are fabulous.

  12. Paint Mr. Angel Boy and let some wood show through. Great finds! How do you know when to stop clearing and start purchasing again? That is my biggest problem.

  13. When you focus and visualize just what you want...amazingly it comes to you. Your newest treasures are fabulous. Happy to hear you are also resting...

  14. Painting it is more your style, but if it's wood, it might be a "precious" thing that paint could detract from the value. Did you find any comparisons? Hey, I'm impressed you can do a cartwheel or two at all! I never learned and finally gave up.

  15. Hi Rosemary, you know how I feel about paint :))
    I tend to paint everything like you do my sweet friend.
    Love your great pieces, why do I not get to attend events like these, it's the area I am in and California is so over priced with everything, we have to seek out these little un-known places and hidden flea markets to find the unique.

    You find the best pieces to share.
    Beautiful days ahead for you this month of August :))

    Keep inspiring your treasured finds.


  16. No question.... paint it. A little gesso love would help too!

  17. Lucky you to find those great pieces at such a bargain! I love the capitols. The cherub piece with the instrument would look great painted.

  18. Красота!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. A friend that gives you the heads up on a must see sale if the best kind of friend. Beautiful treasures Rosemary and I'm in the 'Paint It' camp too :)


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