Monday, May 20, 2013

Boxes, Drawers, and Clearing Out More Stuff

I'm still painting, and scripting boxes.

This one has hints of script inside,

and script on top.

I also worked on a lighter version of the drawer from my last post.

As you can see, instead of leaving the small knob, I replaced it with one of my numbered tacks.

More inside.

Oh yes, I had another impromptu garage sale these past few days. I'm VERY serious about organizing, and narrowing focus on what I acquire. I got rid of a bunch of "stuff". It's a joy to see someone happily loading up something I NEVER want to see again.  There's a lot to be said for living on a main street, as well.  I didn't advertise at all.


  1. I would so slam on my brakes for your yard sale. Lucky neighbors!! I adore your new script boxes, they are so pretty.

  2. So pretty, Rosemary! You are lucky that you are on a main street. Makes it a great idea to have those impromptu yard sales!

  3. your yard sales must be like stopping at a petite boutique. truly. one mans trash....sigh...

  4. Rosemary, the boxes are gorgeous!!! Do you have any for sale?
    And I agree, your garage sale must have been fabulous!!

  5. Oi Rosemary, ficou linda sua caixa, muito linda. Uma BJK

  6. Some days I just want to have a huge house sale, forget about the garage. Too much stuff and it is hard to stay focused. However, I am still focused on that fabulous drawer you did. The script is amazing. The box is beautiful too.

  7. I adore your scripted boxes with the little numbers. You really are purging and sharing with others. I would probably be loading up lots of your treasures if I lived close by. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  8. I would love to go to your garage sale. :)

  9. Your boxes are so very lovely, Rosemary. I'm glad your garage sale worked out! We're waiting for the annual neighborhood one... we've been hoarding a load just for this sale.

  10. What a beautiful drawer! I love the color and the script is so pretty! I wish I lived close enough to attene one of your yardsales! I'd clean you out! looking forward to seeing what else you're up to! Hugs, Leena

  11. Love the boxes and I'm with you about having other folks loading up my clutter and enjoying for themselves. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  12. The script adds such a sweet your creations!

  13. I'd be at your garage sales in a heart beat!!!!!!! I can only imagine what you're unloading - lol! Love your script work. Stunning as always!


  14. The box is too pretty, inside and out. Letting go of things is FREEING.

  15. I love your scripted boxes Rosemary. Wish I was close enough to come to your garage sales:)

    Have a happy week!

  16. I am in love with these boxes. I wish I could buy one but with the move I really am trying not to buy things right now. Your talent sure makes it tough. Glad you had another garage sale that was a success!


  17. the scripted boxes and admire you going through your treasures and organizing and then in turn making someone else happy!!..

  18. I wish I could stop by your yard sale! I need to do the same thing and have a yard sale to get rid of "stuff".
    I love your scripted boxes. You always do such amazing things to your treasures.


  19. Oh my goodness! What beauty! I love love love the drawer! Where do you find your script paper. So pretty.
    I am in a purge mode too. Lots of work but it really helps me to live better.

  20. Adorable!
    I love this white version.

  21. Hi!
    Your scripted boxes are really really pretty!
    Can't believe you have a diary that old!!!
    Hope you continue creating, Thank you for sharing these with us!

  22. I've always had an affinity for boxes and of course, you take them to the next level!

  23. I love that bucket. Fantastic, and the image is so perfect for it.


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