Monday, November 19, 2012

Business, Tags, Letters, etc.

This post is a mish mash, cause that's how my brain has been lately.  A comment my friend Donna made on my last post struck a cord with me.  She couldn't believe I was redecorating and simplifying in the middle of my busiest season.  Well, I suddenly realized that I couldn't believe it either.

As much as I'd love to just finish the room and show a bunch of pretty pictures, I have to keep the income flowing.  I haven't blogged in four days, basically because I've had to focus on business.  My next show is closing in, I have to stock my Etsy, ship orders, and I have a job to finish for a client.

I am working on the room, but mostly, I'm working with clay, and getting merchandise ready for my show.  I'll be sharing a few redesigns.

I'm also working on new clay designs.  Like these fragmented angel wings,


and rose paperweights.

I think I'll be spelling out Christmas messages at my show with these vintage peel and stick letters.  I forgot I had them stashed away.

I can make a lot of messages, cause......

I have a lot of letters.  I mean,


Clearing out my living room was fun, and easy.

Getting back to it may take a little longer.  Anyone else in business overdrive?


  1. oh, your head is to overwhelmed....finish all your gorgeous items for your shows...then..celebrate Christmas...then use all your hard earned money to have fun decorating your home!!!!

  2. always love your posts and your work.

    it certainly is hard to enjoy the holidays when it is our busiest time for our businesses.


  3. are one of the busiest women I know!!...However, you seem to have everything prioritized to maintain have lots of letters!!....I am sure the sign is going to be really cute...make sure and take pictures!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  4. Rosemary, I don't know how you do it all! You are an amazingly talented woman; and energetic too! I know whatever you're working on is going to be fabulous! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Rosemary, please don't burn yourself out! I've seen it happen to so many talented bloggers/designers. Blog once a month if that's what works for you!

    It's the holiday season, enjoy that beautiful family of yours and yes, the income needs to come in but your bloggy groupies will still be here:)

  6. You are so busy. Why not wait to unveil your room at the New Year? We can wait!
    I don't run a business but I home school and we have a quasi-pet shelter here! I cannot keep up!
    My blogging is solely for the purpose of keeping me in line! LOL!
    Have a lovely holiday!



  7. Chaos here too as I am putting up the Christmas tree and cooking for Thanksgiving. You are successful and thriving my friend. Keep us posted when you can. xo, olive

  8. I know Christmas is just coming way to fast. Great new stuff you are working on!

  9. Ah, it doesn't always work out the way we planned. That's life and I'm getting comfortable with it. ~ Maureen

  10. ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhh!.
    Salud, Rosemary!

  11. I wish I swas in business overdrive! It's been a bit slow and with life overload, I haven't given it the attention it deserves. I'm dying to spend hours creating! Hope to get some time in tomorrow. I keep telling myself that I'm only one person, but I don't think that my family believes me LOL Hugs, Leena

  12. You are always so busy! I am sure it is hard to enjoy the holidays when it is your busy time of year. I am sure your sign will turn out great.



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