Friday, April 13, 2012

Pretty Images

I feel like I'm shopping in my own garage.

I discovered some pretty images today.  Here are just a few of the vintage pieces.  Postcards,

a little floral painting,

and more ephemera.

I've copied some of my vintage images onto photo paper.  I'm going to frame some of them.  Cards, tags, etc., for the rest.

I'm finishing up a country desk, and a few other furniture pieces.  Of course my cleaning/discovering continues..........

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  1. They are all sooo beautiful!! Wish shopping in my garage was as fruitful!

    barbara jean

  2. Two of my decorating favorites, roses and lady portraits!

  3. Well, your garage certainly looks better than mine!

  4. LOL! It sounds like you are on an archealogical dig, Rosemary! : ) You are turning up some lovely items though and I think some of these would look great framed.

  5. So pretty! Can't wait to see what you do with them all!!

  6. These are all gorgeous. Isn't it fun discovering all these treasures in your own garage?

  7. Rosemary,
    You have quite a garage.LUCKY you!Love all these images.I had a bowl with that image of that woman (long hair red bow).I gave it to my SIL.I loved it but my SIL is so kind I wanted her to have it to enjoy.

  8. So many beautiful images, I like all:-)
    Have a great weekend, hugs Biljana

  9. Beautiful postcards! Just think of the possibilities you can use these for! They are lovely!

  10. Now I can not only wish I a)had a garage but b) had one full of treasures like you do! You always have the most amazing things to share! I might have to go dig around in the barn again! ;)

  11. Shopping in your garage,hahaha!
    You have a fantastic one!
    Mine is mostly filled with some stuff which I should probably throw or give away.
    Except some furnitures waiting to be transformed...

  12. It feels like shopping because it IS like shopping! I have a feeling there are lots of (yummy) things in that abyss that you have forgotten all about! *really wish I could dive in there!* Take some pix of that place for us!!
    On another note: I must thank you, I had super fun time with gesso this afternoon. And it was wonderful!!

  13. My garage is not quite as fun as yours is :)

  14. Rosemary...your garage a.k.a. the abyss is like a magician when he reaches into his top hat and pulls out scarves and they keeping coming out with no end to the scarves....You are welcome to come to my garage and paint away!....Love all your beautiful things!!...

  15. I have to say I'm a bit envious--all those lovely roses and that beautiful young lady. Would love to have copies of those to frame!

  16. Love cards! As a painter of roses, I am always looking for inspirational pieces of art with roses.
    I just purchased a cane backed chair. I plan to prime it white and then paint it. Stop by if you would like to see a photo of it and suggestions are always welcomed.

  17. Hi,,,just wanted to say i just found your blog and it is Beautiful !! i LOVE all the things you are making,i do some of that too when i can find things but your's are wonderful,,thanks for sharing the great things you do,, christy { CHRISTYS CRAFTS }


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