Saturday, April 21, 2012

GIVEAWAY #8 Winner

Okay, I switched browsers, and I hope I won't have too many headaches with blogger.

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and shared GIVEAWAY #8.  I have more giveaways planned for the future, but right now, here is the winner.

The winner of GIVEAWAY #8 is:

Leena of Pink Cherub Moon.

Congrats, Leena.  Email me the address you would like your package sent to, and I will ship it asap.


  1. ooooh..lucky...lucky gal! i didn't enter because I already won one fo your AMAZING giveaways and I didn't want to appear "greedy" (but I just may have to enter the next's been long enough!) lol! ;)

  2. Thank you so much Rosemary and all!! Weee I love winning something and these items are fabulous! I will now have Rosemary Originals in my home! You're such a sweetie to offer all of these give-aways Rosemary! Love ya! Leena

  3. Congratulations so Leena, she will be so thrilled with her goodies:)

  4. I was just forced to change to the new interface and I have hardly had any pageviews o comments today. Not many new posts from others in the reader either.

  5. congrats leena :)

    Rosemary how did I miss this one???
    Well next time :)

    Thank you sweet dear friend for visiting my art "Gentle Touch" Sing and Fly....
    It means alot to me for you to visit and best part of your visits is the encouraging words you comment that encourage what i am passionate about in creating.

    See you soon sweet friend.
    Inspiring Sunday to you.

  6. Congrats Leena! You are so giving Rosemary---have a great Sunday:)

  7. lucky , lucky, Lena, Congrats...



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