Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lace Design

I've been getting quite a few emails asking me to do a tutorial on using lace as a stencil. Just to let you all know, I'm not destroying vintage lace. I have a rather large collection of synthetic lace with a variety of designs. I also have vintage lace, but that collection will never see paint. Here is the basic technique.  You can use it to add beautiful detail.

I started by painting with, yes, black gesso. You can use whatever paint you want.

Next, lay your lace on top as flat as you can. I just wrapped this lace runner tightly around the edge, but you can tape it as well.

Next, spray over the top with the contrasting color of choice. I used white here.

Remove the lace, and voila!

I prefer a somewhat  imperfect design.  However, if you want a sharper image, you'll have to get the lace as flat as possible, and spray a very even  coat.

Here are other variations.

White base, oregano spray paint.

Yellow base, black spray paint.

Old wood base, red spray paint.

Check back to see what I do with these pieces.

When I use this technique on furniture, my base painting is a little more complicated before I add the lace design, and I will keep adding or subtracting until I get the look I want.

Check out this redesign here,

and this one here.

Give it your own spin, and let me know how it turns out. Happy lacing!

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  1. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this tutorial! My favorite combo you pictured was the red over wood (but they are all pretty). Good luck at the flea market this weekend...hope lots of folks have the good fortune to buy one (or more) of your lovely creations.

  2. whoa baby ... now you're cookin' with gas!

  3. You make it look so easy. I'm always the gal who can't get the lace to lay flat, lol. That's okay,...I'll just keep watching for your creations.

  4. Hi Rosemary, I used to do this back in the olden days late(80's early 90'S) lol when I was a country decor lover. Its so pretty and really fun. I've also done this using frosted glass spray on glass vases and windows. Thanks so much for another great tutorial. They are all so pretty.

  5. YES, the possibilities are endless everyone!

  6. I love all your ideas! Thanks for all the information! Do you have a good source for the appliques you add on to your pieces? thanks!

  7. Long time, no see! :)))
    Thank you for your sweet words...

    I missed visiting your blog, so much creativity over here! That's a lovely idea, lace in decoration!

  8. Very cool effect. I just saw about a zillion pieces of synthetic lace at the thrift store that would be perfect for this.

  9. Love this idea, I am a lace kind of gal so I will have to find something to use it on. You are so creative.

  10. Very cool effect!! I love the red! It looks so authentically antique. I'll have to try this on something *winks* Vanna

  11. I really like this look!!!! :D I am getting caught-up on reading your blog today!

    Ricki Jill

  12. I love this what can I use it on...hmmmmmm......thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I am going to try this, thank you for your good idea:)

  14. I love your makeover, absolutely beautiful:-)
    Hugs, Biljana

  15. Hi Rosemary, Thanks for sharing the tutorial at my Open House party. All the examples are pretty but I especially like the design on the red board.

  16. I love this look. I saw you featured on Kim's blog.

    Have a great week!

  17. Going to try this on a little table waiting for an update! Thanks for the info!

  18. This is such a luxe look - I'm definitely trying this. The first is my fav, but the red was a showstopper too.
    Thanks for the tutorial,

  19. Very creative. Loved the idea. Thanks for sharing.

    We have a link-up party going on - Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner. I would really appreciate if you'd link up some of your awesome posts there. Hope to see you at the party.

  20. Brilliant idea! I am going to have to give this a try!

  21. So beautiful, Rosemary! I just love this! Can you reuse the lace after you spray paint it? Or do you wash it first...or what? Thanks for the great tutorial! :) You are so creative!

    xoxo laurie

  22. Hi..this is amazing! So very pretty!
    Im your newest follower...(purehunnybee)
    Looking forward to getting to know you!


  23. So cool! You are amazing. I've been using gesso since reading about it on your blog, but recently tried adding a few tablespoons of non-sanded grout and a little water to paint and it really makes a good duplicate for ASCP. Would love to see what you do with it if you try it.

  24. wonderful. thanks for re sharing. i missed this one since I am not in blogland as much.

    be blessed

  25. I did this on a pair of tufted chairs that were stained. Rather than flattening and tucking the lace in to get a finer edge, I plucked it off the surface and let the lace (not gesso-ed stiff) poof up in places. I sprayed lightly here and there, and followed with a highlight colour sparingly. The result was a loose, watery lace that cam in and out of focus. Once the lace was off, I could do random 'fillers' as needed, then used the darker spray to enhance the folds and tucked buttons. It looked like a piece from a stage play production! I got several more years of use out of those chairs in 30 minutes of work!


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