Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Romantic Mood

The last redesign I shared with you was a frenchy table inspired by peeling plaster. That table is actually one of my favorites. Today, I decided to create a few complimentary pieces. I started with this pair of corbels.

I found them like this.

I believe they were supposed to mimic drapes. I wanted to give them a light curtain feel, so I drybrushed them a soft pink.

This mirror required a little more layering.

I wanted a partner to the table.

So I used the same technique.

Here they are together.

The table, corbels, and mirror, work well with this redesigned frame of mine.

I also did a gesso wash on several frames, leaving a hint of the dark finish underneath.

I had fun creating these complimentary pieces with their subtle hues. I must have been in a romantic mood. Will this mood continue?

More redesigns waiting to be shared. See ya soon.


  1. Love how you share your process....beautiful work.:)

  2. I just love all those frames, beautiful job!

  3. I love everything you do. I have a wonderful old table on casters with a pediment underneath where the legs come together. I also have some great old frames in varying states of disrepair. I would like to do something similar to what you've done. Being a relatively new follower to your blog, do you have a tutorial somewhere that tells what paints you use and explains in a little more detail what your painting techniques are? I sure would love some pointers. Thank you so much and I really enjoy your blog.

  4. How nice these turned out! I love the old frames. Wish I could find some here. Thanks for sharing this at Home Sweet Home! You have a wonderful talent for this.

  5. I love those frames!!! and being a love of all things pink I love the sconces. What is a gesso wash?


  6. WOW! I love the difference. All the pieces now work beautiful together.


  7. That frame with the barbola swags is making me swoon! *winks* Vanna

  8. Love your corbels and mirror- sooo pretty! Thanks for linking this up at FNF :)

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  10. Sorry I accidentally deleted my comment!
    You have a lovely blog and I look forward to following you and seeing more transformations.
    I need to get some gesso!
    Thanks for your visit!


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