Thursday, August 17, 2017


I've been working like crazy to get ready for my sale this Friday, and Saturday.

You see, my goal is to eventually get my garage to look like my back room here.

However, I don't think I'm going to reach that goal this time.  There are piles of stuff to go through still.

I've got pretty, salvage, primitive, industrial, etc.  There will be boutique-like set ups, and, boxes to dig through.  Come on out.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

The sale will be August 18th and 19th, from 8:00-3:00.  The location is 171st (one hundred seventy first street) and Burnham Ave., in Lansing, IL.  Look for the tan tent.


  1. Hi Rosemary! I get a case of the "have to haves" when I see all of your lovely treasures just waiting to be sold. I adore the table in the second picture! I can think of a least 5 places in my home where it would be the perfect touch. Your "stash" is many possibilites for creativity! GOOD LUCK on your upcoming sale!

  2. Great! Very interesting post!! regards from Italy


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