Sunday, July 9, 2017


It was a super beautiful sunny day at the 3 French Hens Market.

There was a huge crowd from start to finish.

I still managed to get a few photos to share.

I sold every single one of the vintage metal bins I shared in my last post.  Folks were buying multiples.  All I did was clean them up, and, add a weathered number to each one.

This beautiful lady purchased one of my favorite finds.  I vintage shawl paired with a laced hanger.  I found the combo at a moving sale.

The collapsible fleur-de-lis plant stand above left a very happy young lady.  You can see her looking back in the next photo.

It was a very successful day, 

and, I'm very grateful. My friend Rhonda did very well also.

Time for a little rest.


  1. I'm so happy for you Rosemary! I knew there would be a buying frenzy over your vintage metal boxes. I would have loved to have 3 or 4 of those myself. Every item in each of your photos is unique and beautiful, I would have never been able to choose, thanks for sharing your day at the Market!

  2. I think after work i need to go home and paint a few things white that I am putting out in my yard sale haha
    I really liked seeing these pictures
    Glad the gal got that cute crochet shaw and hanger for herself

  3. you have great collection. i really liked the vintage and metallic things, would love keep it in my sitting lounge.


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