Monday, February 8, 2016


I'm busy painting, and, transforming.  Getting ready for my first show of the year.

I'll be returning as a vendor at the Hunt and Gather Market in Crown Point, IN.

Lot's of painting going on,

I know the rest of the month will fly by.  So, I have to get back to work.  I'll share more soon.


  1. Must be exciting - the first show of the year, but I'm sure Rosemary it's exhausting too with all the designing and creating to offer unique pieces.

  2. I'm going in a million directions right now, Vera. Yep, it's exhausting. However, grateful to be able to do it.

  3. I sure wish I were visiting Crown Point in March for this event.

  4. My niece lives near Crown Point, IN, I'm sending her this info. right away! She is a flea market hunter, craft show, DIYer unparalleled Wish I wasn't 10 hours away! Make sure you take some time to take care of yourself while preparing for Market! Be blessed!

  5. I think I did my LAST sale last weekend, my ole back and neck still hurts. I told my daughter i'm done. My mind wants to do it however my body says NO
    Doing those shows are for you younger gals for sure.
    Maybe some day i'll surprise both of us and Make it over your way from Missouri ? LOL

    It will be fun to see all your new art creations

  6. Very nıce work,I love your all works what you done,,,bravo


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