Sunday, December 6, 2015


Although I'd set up at a few of their outdoor markets, this was my first time at the Chesterton, IN "Mistletoe Market".  I didn't know what to expect.

What I got was a stream of smiling customers, like the beautiful lady above.  There was a real crush early on.  I never got a shot of the completed booth.

but, I was able to take a few photos.  The customers were so much fun.

It was going, going, gone on my wreaths and trees.

There's so much that disappeared before I could get a shot.

I'm super exhausted, but, very grateful.  My friend Rhonda did great as well.

A HUGE THANKS to all who came out.

Now, I need to start (Yes Start) doing a little decorating for Christmas.


  1. I only know of your work by your emails and I have so enjoyed seeing your skills put to work!! You put out some amazing items and its a pleasure watching your ideas come to be.....keep up the great work....looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Rosemary congrats on your the sales at Mistletoe Market. All those smiling faces I so understand, your wreaths and trees have enchanted me and grace my home... Smiling faces oh I know and you know what sweet Rosemary? They still have those smiles and much appreciation for all you create. Looking forward to my tinsel wreath and can't wait to email you a photo where it is going.

    1. Thanks, Vera. I'm always excited to see where you choose to place your purchases.

  3. Rosemary, I love all the items you had in your show. Seeing the display makes me homesick to go to craft fairs, etc. which we do not have here. We do have art shows, etc. but nothing like you have. I am so happy for your success. Love to you and all the men in your home!

  4. Oh I knew you would be a success
    I love you little paper wreaths and trees ,they are just adorable
    Glad you had a great day
    That wreath with the First Noel on it is fabulous


  5. So happy that it was a success for you!!!

  6. Oh, those lucky women with their gorgeous treaures!

  7. Oh Rosemary this is so great you did so well at this show. I know it is your last show for the year so you can take a big nap now!!!! Oh probably not Christmas is coming lol! Glad you did so well.

  8. Congrats on an awesome sale, Rosemary! Your booth looked amazing. I am loving those vintage suitcases. Now go take a well deserved break:)

  9. I don't think you could ever go to any show ever and not do well Rosemary !! You are a true artist !! I'm so glad I ordered another wreath , I'm sure your finger's are tired !! Have a blessed holiday season , Tammy ❤️

  10. Congratulations...your booth looked marvelous and your customers looked so happy with their treasures!!! Your First Noel wreaths are just beautiful, love all the curly metal pieces. Best ~ Mickie


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