Thursday, December 11, 2014

Metal Angel Wings

I've been going through my stash of salvaged metal.

I seem to be in a metal cutting mood, and, what I've been creating mostly, are angel wings.  I drew a template, and, cut each piece by hand.

The fleur-de-lis embellishments I added are salvaged pieces.  Honestly, I can't remember where I got either of them.  The abyss is endless.

These wings have no embellishment, but, they have a fun pattern.

Oh, yes.  I'm still easing along with my Christmas decor, and, keeping things simple.

A little bit at a time.

See ya soon.


  1. Those are so sweet, Rosemary.. I really like angel
    wings. And metal. What do you use to cut the tin? Keeping decorating simple.. That sounds so peaceful.

    Wishes for a Merry and Bright Christmas!

  2. Your wings are absolutely beautiful!!!! I lvoe them. xo Diana

  3. I love them Rosemary! You're definitely not afraid to try different 'mediums' for your creations! Today, I cut some wood cut-outs on a scroll saw, so I'm dabbling outside of my comfort zone! I do think I would like to try this project. I guess you used tin snips? I think my hubs has some metal and tin-snips! Have a great weekend! Blessings from Bama!

  4. Love the wings, Rosemary. So pretty with the fleur-de-lis!

  5. So precious! The fleur de lis are the perfect touch!


  6. I like what you said about your Christmas decorating..."easing along with it.." I think that's what I'm doing, too:) Your wings are lovely. I especially love the ones that look like hammered metal.

  7. So pretty and I love the sweet addition of the fleur-de-lis.

  8. Such gorgeous metal angel wings with French accents! Simple decorating for me to is simply the best! Especially with silver and gold!

  9. The angel wings are absolutely beautiful ... :-)

    diane @ thoughts and shots

  10. Glad you put wings on that pretty baby. Love you! xoxo


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