Monday, October 20, 2014

Festive Metal

I'm giving my metal "medals" a festive twist.

A little while ago, I showed you the medals I've been making from salvaged metal.

Since then, I've sold quite a few.  With Christmas coming up quickly, and, multiple shows next month, I decided to add a little sparkle.

This one has a hanger on the back.

I bent this one,


added a ribbon for hanging.

I have more to make, and, I'll be listing a few in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for all the entries in the Farragoz giveaway.   I'll announce the winner soon.


  1. gorgeous Rosemary ... You rock the faux and embellished world!

  2. These are so clever and so unique. I'm sure you'll sell a ton more before the Christmas season is over.

  3. They were beautiful before, but the added sparkle is nice for the holidays. I'm sure people will want these as ornaments! Vintage with bling:) My favorite.

  4. Those are really awesome, Rosemary. You see beauty where others see discards! xo Diana

  5. Just saying "wow, I love those" doesn't adequately express how impressed I am with those medals! Creative genius.

  6. Beautiful work. I'm looking for your post on veneer and decoupage but I can't seem to find it.. Would you help me please?


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