Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rusty White Crown

In my last post, I showed you one of my handmade crowns.  I originally planned to leave the rusty finish I gave it.  However, I just kept seeing something different in my head.

I decided to give my rusty crown,

a white finish, with some of the rust peeking through.

I'll probably make another rusty one, but, I had a vision I wanted to see through.

I like the results.

I'm also working on more of my smaller crowns, with a similar finish.

I'm in a crown making mood.

I'll be listing in my Etsy shop.

See ya soon.


  1. Love your crowns. I agree the addition of white ontop of the rust looks beautiful.

  2. Just lovely Rosemary! I hope you are doing well. Think of you often.

  3. Your crowns are so fabulous. The tiny ones are just toooooo cute.


  4. Pure magic you create. I have too many crowns said no one EVER.

  5. I love it both ways, Rosemary, but I'm glad you went with your vision and saw what it would look like in white with some rust showing through. It's another option anyway. Love the little one, too!

  6. Love all of your crowns...big, small, rusty, and white. They're all gorgeous.

  7. Oh Rosemary! As always your crowns take my breath away! The patina is simply delicious!

  8. My kind of rust, clouded with whites :)
    Love the crowns you come up with, I have been creating them for years, and ones I hold back on for myself end up in a pile stacked and displayed piled together artistically for my own inspiring pleasure, I am sure you have a spot much like mine ? :)

    Rosemary thank you dearly for taking time to share I. The wedding book post, it's a book filled with beauty, rustic ideas for romancing our own homes, even if I were never to plan a wedding again, it's a book worthy of my coffee table inspiration to daily living and setting up areas of home integration meant parties, or events.
    It's so much more than a wedding book.

    See you soon and all the wonderment you create.


  9. Loving your beautiful crowns, Rosemary! You are so talented in every thing you do.



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