Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Framed Cherub Plaques and Pop-Up Market

I've been creating clay cherub plaques,

and, framing them with some of my small metal frames.

I've molded the cherubs with white clay, and, cut them to fit the frames. I'm listing some on Zibbet, and taking some to the pop-up market.

This is the same market I set up at last year.  Looking forward to seeing my locals.

I'm also working out details for upcoming endeavors.  I'll share soon.


  1. I am betting you sell every single one of those cherubs that you take there. They are DARLING!!! xo Diana

  2. Love your things!! My eye keeps going to the clock which looks like it's made on a silver platter? Am I right?? Love it! Is it for sale??!~~Angela

  3. Your cherubs are so pretty, Rosemary! You fit them perfectly to your frames. I'm sure they will go quickly!

  4. Oh, Miss Rosemary your cherubs are always gorgeous and angelical and this one is no exception, I specially LOVE them framed as you créate them. Have a great and productive week my friend.

  5. You are the queen of cherubs! So lovely! The pop up market sounds like a fabulous place to sell your wares. Too bad we don't have anything like this in Maryland.

  6. I love cherubs and I love yours even more! The technique you use is just fantastic. Seriously, you've nailed that paint/ceramic look!


  7. Who doesn't love a white cherub! Those will be gone in no time.

  8. Sounds like you've been busy in your cherub factory. You'll sell them all. Looking forward to hearing all about your next adventure.

  9. Rosemary,
    Your cherubs are precious. You create lasting beauty.
    Have much success and fun at the pop up sale. Bring plenty because your pieces will all sell.

  10. I love angels, cherubs, crowns--you make so many beautiful things!

  11. I am sure you will sell,out of all your creations
    It would be such a treat to see and meet you and see all your talent for sale
    Good Luck

  12. Ohhh Rosemary! You and I are thinking along the same lines! I came soooo very close to purchasing a mold today of a cherub! This is exactly what I wanted to do with him!!! BUT...I didn't buy the mold. :-( Though you will be ever so excited to hear why!....Today I spent my time and money, lol, shopping for supplies for the FARROGOZ SUPPLIES LIST!! Haha! I'm SO EXCITED Rosemary! Thank you for sharing the information about the class with me and for answering all of my questions in the email. You are so very sweet to take the time out to do that!
    Your cherubs are beautiful hun, I know you'll sell them all! I'm off to go paint now! Ttyl!

  13. Rosemary, I am in love with this little framed cherub that I bought from you! It arrived today, and I was so excited to hold this in my hands! And that beautiful, beautiful box is like an extra "gift". Thank you so much!


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