Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Plaster Play and Pop Up Market

Remember when I said I've been envisioning plaster pieces.  I shared my crown before.  Now, I have a fragmented bust.

Molded with plaster, and given layers of paint.

It makes a great display piece, and I'll have several with me at the Hunt and Gather Market in Crown Point, IN, this Friday.  I'll be a vendor.

If you're in the area, stop by to see me.

I'll have piles of vintage metal,

the awesome piece some of you told me not to sell.

Yes, it made me giddy, but, I buy and sell for a living.  For the right price, it's going.

This large terracotta rooster will be there too.

I'll have tons of crystals,

a bunch of vintage frames, re-purposed items, and, furniture pieces I'm finishing up.

I'll try to share as many pics as I can, before, and during the show.  Right now, I have to get back to work.

I haven't set up at a show since Spring, and, I probably won't again till next year.  My booth will be JAMMED.

See ya soon.


  1. Your work is always so unique. The plaster bust is such a great piece!
    Always inspiring.

  2. Have a great time Rosemary! You’re going to be rocking your goods at the market.

  3. So excited to be vending with you~ What a great show it will be.
    It will be good to see you again!

  4. Good luck on the show! I'm sure everything will sell out quickly.


  5. Have a great weekend. Your stuff is always fabulous.

  6. All of this looks very wonderful. You have a keen eye for treasures.
    I must ask...what is a POP UP MARKET?
    I'm not familiar with the term.

  7. Rosemary,
    you always have the best stuff, I'm sure you'll sell out! Your bust is amazing! Good luck and have fun!

  8. that bust is wonderful! and i SO wish i lived closer to you...would be in heaven at one of your sales....so much "eye candy!"

  9. Oh how I would like to see your treasures in person, however I will settle for wonderful pictures that you post for us.
    That bust is real fun, did you mold it to yourself?

    Love that wood cabinet tell us what you sold it for when it goes $$$ ?
    also the prisms are always fun to find

    I even like the Hunt & Gather small billboard type announcement

    enjoy the day we all would if we could join you

  10. How the heck did you make that bust? Good luck with the show!

  11. Love the piece you made out of plaster! So unique! Good luck with your show. Looks like you'll have a lot of great things for sale.

  12. Lucky shoppers visiting your booth with such treasures to be had. Please don't overdo yourself. Happy Sales...

  13. I so wish I was in the area and could go. You will be sold out in a flash!!

  14. Have a great time Rosemary, you know your stuff will fly!!


  15. I bet you will have the best display there. Your work is so unique - Rosemary-styling!

  16. This will be a great weekend for you and everyone who buys your unique items. Best wishes!

  17. Good luck on your sale/show…you have amazing things...

  18. Good luck, Rosemary. Your stuff is always fabulous, so I know you'll do well. That piece with the drawers is so cool!
    Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate all the support you've always given to us!

  19. Beautiful treasures Rosemary! I know you will do amazing at your show!

  20. Hi, Is the cubby cabinet with all the drawers still for sale and if so how much?



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