Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Crazy Woman's Guide To Preparing For A Show In 6 Hours

First of all, you need to have a garage full of stuff you've acquired.  As a dealer for the past 20 or so years, I never run out of "stuff".

Frames are a mainstay, and they always sell.  The bulk of my frames went to a couple who were decorating their first house.

So, gather up all that "stuff", finish up several projects in record time, and start handing off containers to your adorable, understanding, husband to load into the van. This includes a mirror you thought about keeping, but decided you didn't care anymore.

Get a late start, make a huge mess when you get there, and negotiate with early buyers, while trying to take photos.

Trip over a box, and take a blurry pic of your vintage watering can.

Forget about photos, limp over to your customers, and continue to sell, while hubby brings in more "stuff".

Realize that, because quite a few of your items are gone before the show officially opens,

you will only be able to take random vignette shots, cause you're still selling, and never get a chance to set up properly.

End the first day happy, and try to stay awake on the way home, cause your husband tells you there's a possibility he'll fall asleep at the wheel.  Tell your dear spouse, you'll bring your son back the second day.

Throw together fresh items to take back the second day, get some sleep, wake up and tell your son, "I'll be fine by myself."  Seriously?

Drive back to the show (75 miles), do a reset, and sell like crazy.

Forget to take more photos, and ask fellow dealers if you can take a couple shots of their booth.

My friend Jeanine always has a great looking booth.

Sandy and Joe are long time dealer friends.

Get called back to your booth, and give up on taking photos.

End the second day wishing someone would just carry you home.

Call on Jesus to get you home safely, and thank him for a successful show.

Hope you took plenty of notes.


  1. Oh Rosemary, you wore me out just hearing about it, but I'm so glad you had a great show!

  2. You're a pro! Thanks for all the great advice :) Glad you sold a lot, I just wish I were there to shop!

  3. Hats off to YOU...I could have never have pulled this off.


  4. You may be crazy, but you did it! You amaze me, Rosemary.

  5. hahahahaha,,,,,I have soooooo been there!!!!!

  6. That sounds like my kind of show Rosemary!! Sounds like you did great show!

  7. Girl! You had better let your son drive you! Nothing is worth your safety! *End of sermon*
    I really don't know how you do it!
    The frames are beautiful painted white. I have about 30 in the basement...hmmm...



  8. You are so awesome! I'll be doing my very first flea market later in the summer. I hope my stuff begins to sell before I'm all set up. Blessings to you, Patti

  9. Your post make me laugh--I used to work a scrapbooking booth a couple times a year--and I remember how exhausting it is!

  10. You've been so busy! I'm glad you made it home safe after a long day.

  11. I hope I was taking notes, cause you told us so much, I think I'd forget!
    Sounds like it was a very successful show & the photos you did share are wonderful ~ Now rest, rest, rest...

  12. I have to hand it to you for getting the photos you did get. My last show was sort of similar and I never did get any good photos. Your displays are inspirational.

  13. I sure hope you are taking a few days to get some rest! So glad the show went great!

  14. Glad you got home safely, great show. Wish I could have been your point guard! Di

  15. Helloooo Rosemary...
    Sooooo good to see you this past weekend!.!.! Thanks so much for posting pics of my SHaBBies... AND I think you described your *SeTTing-Up* ~ just like it happened... I loved rummaging around in your booth during the set-up Chaos!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs ~ Jeanine

  16. So funny! Now that sounds like an exhausting-but successful-show! :)

  17. Got it! So call you when I need to do a last minute show! : ) Glad you did so well, Rosemary. Now get some rest!

  18. Every item I see is splendid Rosemary. Hope you are rested up.

  19. Wow, I'm so impressed that you thought enough of your bloggy audience to worry about getting pictures to show us. I think I would have just sat down and held out my hand for the money! You are the best.

  20. The show sounds like it was a great one and the items photographed are great. I love everything. I tell you if I was able to go to a show of yours I'd be broke....LOL! Get a lot of rest.


  21. You're such a pro! Congrats on a great show.

  22. I have done the same thing and it is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time! Glad you made it thru and looks like you made good sales too!
    Now it's time to breathe!

  23. You are an artist and your customers were thrilled to buy your creations. Rest, revive and carry on. Loved your post.

  24. Doesn't surprise me in the least that you were highly successful... you so deserve it honey, now get some rest!

  25. you, and all if it, incredibly amazing!


    PS love all those white frames.

  26. I loved this post, Rosemary, and I enjoyed all the photos. Get some rest!


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