Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm Done

Done, done, done.  As much as I love hanging out with my show buddies, and chatting with regular customers, I'm always exhausted after my two day show.  I've been at this for two decades, and I don't miss doing this every week (Yes, you heard me.  I used to do a different show nearly EVERY WEEK).  Now, it's once a month, and occasionally an additional market.

Overall, I had a good show.  Saturday was moderate, but Sunday was very busy.  This is due in part to the heat on Saturday, and the lovely storm that blew through in the afternoon, knocking out the power.  Fun, fun, fun.  Sunday was cooler, and clear.  For those of you who asked,  I don't set up outside at Kane.  I have a regular spot inside

I'm sorry I don't have more photos.  The space I occupy has a wide window, and the sun created a horrible glare.  It was very difficult to get a decent shot.

To say that my load was somewhat eclectic,

might be an understatement.

I had shabby, quirky, primitive, you name it.

It all seemed to work, as I didn't have much left at the end.  I wish I'd had 100 of these benches.  They were the first thing to sell, and every other person who saw them asked if I had more.

My friend Jeanine (Chippy Shabby)  stopped by.  Head over to her blog.  She has a fun photo of the two of us.

Actually, quite a few fellow bloggers, friends, and followers hung out for a while. We're always so busy laughing and talking, we forget to take photos of our silliness. I have to remember next time.

The last few hours of the show looked like this. Lots of last minute sales, and very grateful customers.

Hopefully, I can get better pics next time.  I'm planning a giveaway sometime this week.  Right now, I'm going to chill a bit.


  1. Have you ever calculated the number of buffets and dressers you've carried in that twenty years? I'm finding I check the weight of something before I consider buying it now! ~ Maureen

  2. It must be exhausting, Rosemary! I can't even imagine doing a show like that. You deserve a rest!

  3. Looks like it was a wonderful show, wish I could attend. Congrats on being in Romantic Home by the way!! So nice to see one of the blogs I love featured. Laura

  4. I can see why those benches went quickly, they're gorgeous!!! I started re-painting my furniture that got damaged on the trip over here and it is exhausting, to say the least so I honestly don't know how you do it! I wish I could channel some of your energy and your talent:)

  5. Rosemary...beautiful and elegant as always. I'm glad you had a good turnout at the Kane! We haven't been out there to shop all summer, I'm bummed! There's always something that comes up...a reapir, a party, etc. Your benches are divine! I surely would have purchased one. Some lucky lady got them first! Have a restful week, andrea b.

  6. Rosemary, I have a long lasting love of primitives. You busted it all out. Now rest up sweetness. hugs, olive

  7. always love Mondays for that very reason!

    I'm hitting the snooze button today, too!

    as always, it all looks yummy

  8. Glad it was successful. It is truly a hard gig you have going on there. I don't think I could sign up for that!

  9. I can't imagine doing a show EVERY weekend. Once a month sounds like alot to me. Im so glad you had a good show. And, yes, more pics. I love seeing your pics. 8-)

  10. Looks like you had a great show and i hope that you ARE chilling a deserve a rest!...i spied so many beautiful things! Have a wonderful week!

  11. Oh how well I know how you feel, my friend. lol! I'm exhausted and I only had a one day show this weekend! I can't even imagine doing this weekend after weekend. Just too much. But I can see why your booth (and Jeanine's!) was so popular. Beautifully set up and styled! You are amazing!

    Hope you're kicking back and relaxing today. :)

    xoxo laurie

  12. Rosemary,
    Shows are exhausting.That is why I don't do them anymore.I really don't think I have the energy and mindset to do it.It takes so much work.Your booth always looks amazing.And you always have cool stuff.Love everything especially those vintage metal signs.

  13. Fabulous stock, I have no idea how you do it even once a month, the show it's self is so exhausting, then you have to get stock, but wait then you have to transform it...Girlfriend take a rest you deserve it!


  14. Everything looks great--have a good chill:)!

  15. Hi, I checked out Chippy Shabby's blog and your photo, very cute! I am now following her blog too!

  16. Now you can take a well deserved break, Rosemary! Your space is gorgeous, I can see why you went home empty handed. Can't imagine doing show every weekend, makes me tired just thinking about it!!

  17. You deserve a good chill...maybe add a glass of wine. :o) I would love to have had the chance to get those bushel baskets marked with a "3." Very cool.

  18. Hellooooo Rosemary!*!*!
    OMG... Thanks for the pic!!! LoVe the one of you and I together... Sooo good to visit with you on Sunday!
    Hugs - Jeanine Burkhardt

  19. Honestly, Rosemary, I don't know how you do it. Just keeping up with the inventory must be crazy. I give you a lot of credit.

  20. Love everything! Your selection is like me - quirky and eclectic LOL! So happy that sales have been so successful! Your items are always fabulous! Is that little angel picture that is on the drawer (box?) available online? Love her! Get some rest and thank you again for sharing your wonderful talent! Hugs, Leena

  21. I just opened my issue of Romantic Homes and lo and behold...on page 14 was a full page article about your blog. I was so excited that I told all my co-workers "Look, here's one of my blog friends!", and they were impressed. So glad you can share your success with the rest of us who dream of doing what your living.


  22. Dear Rosemary
    What a weekend you had! I have such admiration for any of you who do these shows I know the hard work and prep that goes into them. Bless your heart you do deserve some down time. As always everything is beautiful. I would have wanted those benches as well!

  23. Dear Rosemary,
    I completely understand about the art show scene as I did them for over 20 years. I can't believe I am actually starting up again. I know how hard you work to prepare and I am sure you deserve a rest. Your items are super and I hope you were well received by the shoppers.



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