Tuesday, May 31, 2011


If you've been following my blog, you are well aware of my love for ornamental objects. Which is why I so often add ornamentation to my redesigns. One of my favorite finds recently, is this pedestal.

It stands 28 inches tall and has a great deal of detail.

Right now, I have a vintage glass bowl sitting on top.

Which is another ornate piece I like.

Now, for all you fellow cherub lovers,

this small plaque is someting I've had for quite a while. I picked it up at an estate sale, it's been all over the house, and I love it.

This cherub mirror is another find by, yes, my husband.

I love the cherubs, the ornamentation, and the time worn glass.

OK, I am contemplating giving the metal frame a silvery white finish like the plaque. I think it would compliment the mirror. The purist in me says NO. The artist in me says YES. What do you think? Should I do it?


  1. Oh Rosemary, I love all those pieces but the plaque really caught my eye. I used to paint all my worn gold finds white but now I am kind of loving the worn golds so I am not sure about painting that fabulous intricate frame. But don't pay attention to me. :)

  2. Rosemary I love each treasure you've posted! I have a very similar cherub plaque.*winks*
    I have to vote for no to painting the mirror. The purist wins on this one because the patina is so wonderful just the way it is and would be forever lost if painted. JMHO. Vanna

  3. I say go for what the artist says, it would match your other findings perfectly!!

  4. love it all .. I struggle with the very same thoughts, paint or not . sigh I am of no help because I wouldn't know what to do either I have the two same voices.

  5. Wonderful details and a resounding yes to silvery! But not too heavy. So nice to see your blog. My first visit. Hope you'll come and see us, too. Jane

  6. I do love the tarnished Gold, but My Heart says "Go For It!" Beautiful Treasures....

  7. I say do what you love, if it means painting them, go for it. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  8. Go for it! I think it would look sensational. These are all such pretty pieces. I always love the look of foxed mirrors.

  9. Follow the artist in you! All of your finds are beautiful! I'm curious to see what you decide :)

  10. Uhm, yeah, you could say I love cherubs LOL! I used to have them all over my old apartment, but I haven't unpacked most of them since my last move (years ago), I need to get them out! I do still have more than the average amount of cherubs around my place, however.

    ALL of your cherub stuff is gorgeous, that dresser from the other day is TO DIE FOR! You are extremely talented and creative, wish I lived closer, I would buy up some of your goodies!


    (The Sterling Cherub)

  11. Hmmmmm, I think it would look nice silvery, but I wouldn't paint it because the old gold is beautiful. I guess I am a purist.

    Stopping by from White Wednesday,

  12. I just love what you do! that cast of pink tone and the mirror- rock~


  13. Great find in the pedestal! Love the cherubs. I'm fond of cherubs and angels too & have several of them.

    Actually if have to empty pedestals right now sitting in my back yard. The sat for 12 years flanking the steps to my front porch and were topped with urns. Both the pedestal and urns are iron. But, alas, the urns, filled with flowers, were stolen. I heard the car in the drive way, looked out & someone was loading them into her trunk! Now that I see your, I'll clean mine up & make a little bit of make up and bring them inside.

  14. Hello Rosemary,
    I'm so happy I found you. I too love cherubs and have a few but I have hundreds on my vintage Valentine collection. I love that mirror and your hubby was right to buy it. Cant wait to see what you choose to do! Best of luck.
    (Sweet Romantic Notions)

  15. Hi there~ Love your finds and I am loving the mirror in the vintage gold finish but it will look wonderful either way. Thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  16. Lovely lovely finds...my heart says do what you love, and if you have any doubt, leave it until you know without a doubt that it is what you will love :)

  17. Hey there,
    I am a christian too and love the bible and its message.
    I decorate alot like you.
    I have the same dilemna, keep the item in it's original, paint it white, paint it black...
    Could you do a light white wash over the gold or keep some of the gold in spots plain gold and other areas with white...just a creative thought. I have a couple of metal acorns that are rusty, hollow inside and falling apart on the base and that is how you stand them up. Any ideas how to take care of the rust bottoms
    Best to you


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