Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Little Angel

You should know by now, how much I love angels and cherubs. I've had this little vintage angel for many, many years. I don't remember where I got her, and I've misplaced her a bunch of times, but she always resurfaces.

Just to give you a good idea of her size, here she is next to one of my bottle caps.

Right now, she's a little adornment.

I filled a large jar I picked up at a garage sale with hydrangeas.

After I finished, I added my little angel by the bale handle. 

At least I know where she is right now, and I have a cute vignette.  Do you have a tiny piece you love?

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  1. oh, yes, I have many little pieces that are not prizes by any means yet I love them for their quirkiness or patina...your little angel is so sweet..

  2. She is tiny! I can see how you lost her. I have a tiny enameled box from the Orient Express that I treasure!
    Ricki Jill

  3. That cherub is soo tiny!

    We have tiny monument models we had collected from places we have been to. Even though it made my shelf look like a souvenir shop, but we just have to provide a place for them!


  4. Very sweet, and the jar filled with hydrangeas looks beautiful!! Martina

  5. First, I wish we could grow hydrangeas here, I am so jealous! I am always misplacing little things. I have been looking for a set of magnets I have for 6 months!!! They are here somewhere!! She looks happy there with the flowers!


  6. She's so sweet looking! She would make a pretty Christmas ornament. I didn't realize how small she was until you showed her next to your bottle cap!

  7. so sweet!! i love the colour of those hydrangeas too : )

  8. too too many to mention ... I did have this postage stamp sized photo albumn of old Paris ... but I caved a few years ago and gave it to PF ... right now my heart is throbbing over this little ring dish I made from a brown transfer butter pat ... I glued it to a little flowerfrog in the shape of a pedestal ...

  9. Oh my gosh the angel is adorable. Your pictures are fabulous found your blog over at Debbie Doos

  10. She's adorable and tiny, no wonder she gets misplaced so many times! I think I love her too and yes, angels are two grandgirls are my real angels, they were here for a week visiting me for my birthday and left today, I'm so sad! Have a wonderful week pretty girl. FABBY

  11. Your blog always make me smile, I can't seem to keep up with big or small things (LOL) so I can understand you always misplacing your 'little' angel.

  12. That is cute. I am glad you showed her true size. I thought she was big at first.

  13. Sweet little treasure. I can't think of any one item that is small that I cherish. Your little angel is sweet.

  14. So-o-o-o sweet! And tiny. You do create the prettiest little vignettes. I love the hydrangeas and the old jar.
    Have a lovely day.

  15. Aw, what a sweet lil' angel. I have several items that I adore some of which I have packed away for my grandkids...Never to be sold.

    My daughter purchased a cherub that is playing a violin when she was in Belgium years ago. It is bronze colored and made out of wood with gold trimming the wings. I have it hanging on the wall next to a cross I received upon the death of my mom.

  16. Hi Rosemary,

    Oh she is so sweet, what a little face!
    Beautiful hydrangeas! Love their colour...
    Something tiny would have to be miniature perfume bottles...a favorite!

    All the Best,

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  18. Angels come in all sizes...yours is very sweet. She looks perfect where she is!


  19. Oh Rosemary, yes she is so tiny and sweet and I'm thinking sent from heaven on little angel feet (or wings in this case)! I have such a love for cherubs too and I am presently trying to remember where I packed away my most cherished one. I've been looking for 2 days now! In fact, you're the one who has inspired me to find him. xo ~Lili

  20. What a darling little cherub. You know... you could easily make a bunch of those using that one you have. Dust it with some powder and press it into some clay--- pull it out and fill the "mold" with some plaster of paris... THEN you can use the plaster of paris mold over and over to do the same thing until you've made a lot of them! You could make them into drawer pulls or magnets or even hang them on your Christmas tree :-)

  21. Ahhhh...I love her tiny liitle very sweet!!


  22. awwww how precious! And yes I have many...The list is long *winks* Vanna


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