Friday, February 28, 2014

Peaceful Shots

While working on various items as the sun began to set, I stopped to share a few shots. The lighting was so peaceful.

My hubby found the bisque figure of Mary.  I gave her a little more depth with layers of homemade paint (from the Farragoz course).  I also made a crown for her.

Still playing with my chippy finishes.  I gave this wood fragment a new finish.  It makes a nice little tray, or pedestal.

I'm not sure if I'm finished with the heart.  I'm happy with the finish, but, I'm thinking about adding a knob, or hook, to make it functional.  What do you think?  Crystal knob?  Iron hook?  It's nearly a foot wide.

Okay, back to work.

See ya soon.

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  1. Very beautiful, Rosemary. I would add a very very light grey stencil of words on the chippy heart.

  2. So beautiful - I say one glass knob on the heart.

  3. You take just GORGEOUS pictures, Rosemary! You are right- the lighting is gorgeous- xo Diana

  4. Oh how I adore that little crown!

  5. Your new stuff is so pretty. I think that heart would be awesome with either a crystal knob or a hook--I am sure you have something perfect in your stash! :)

  6. Oh I love Mary all touched by your special effects
    I would add an iron knob but they again a crystal knob would look pretttty good on the heart

  7. Hi Rosemary, I so love all you have created here, I took an old square block of layered wood pieces and did similar to it like your heart, then I tore out a page of an vintage antique book of a poet and glued and sealed it, I love that it looks framed on wood for a wall hanging. You could add some paper ephemera art to your heart and seal it up, or even poetry to it. You don't need my inspiration you inspire your pieces beautifully without my help!

    Come visit me and see WHAT I did with an outdated TV unit and saw horse.


    Beautiful week-end to you.

  8. OK... peaceful shots made me giggle. I had a vision of being alone at my kitchen table, nice and quiet, peaceful no one bugging me, with a bottle of something I could maybe tolerate in a little glass, like Kahlua.

  9. Mary is so beautiful. Since the heart is bigger, if you add a knob or hook, it needs to be bigger, too. That's my opinion. Love everything you do Rosemary and love you, too.

  10. I sure love your blog, and I get so happy when I see it delivered into my "In" Box! XO

  11. Beautiful and inspiring as always.

  12. I love that Madonna with the crown you made for her. I think that heart plaque would look great used as a coat hook.

  13. Beautiful finishes. Love the chippy heart and think it would be perfect with a black hook.

  14. Rosemary,
    The finish on the Madonna elevates her to Nordic beauty. I love all Madonna's, but especially ones that capture your interest and make you sit and reflect. Yours does that for me.
    How about two iron hooks. One for each heart that get hooked in this crazy thing called love! I can see this hanging in a mudroom being used for coats, purses or dog leashes,
    Have a beautiful weekend we are getting upwards of 12 inches if snow tomorrow.

  15. Just lovely, Rosemary. Perfect for a gentle Sunday morning. Thanks for sharing. I saw your link at the French Country Cottage party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  16. Your little crowns always amaze me Rosemary and I love this one on Mary. Beautiful paint finishes too.
    Hugs - Kerryanne


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