Friday, September 20, 2013

Meet Rosie

Remember my angel?

Well, she has a name now. I posted this next photo on Facebook, and my friend Nancy asked me what I was going to name her. I hadn't really thought about giving her a name.

My friend Angela thought I should name her after my mother, who passed away 12 years ago. Her name was "Rosie".

I had her out front, greeting customers at my sale last weekend.  Quite a few people wanted to buy her, but, I couldn't seem to do it.  Was it because I gave her my mother's name?  Probably.

Now, she's back inside.

Other than handing her this wreath, I haven't changed a thing about her.  I'm loving her, just the way she is.

See ya soon.


  1. She looks good holding the wreath in that spot. Rosie is a nice name.

  2. I'm glad you kept her. She is much to special, especially with her new name, to let go. So pretty holding the wreath.

  3. I'm glad you kept Rosie for the time being at least. She looks perfect in your home.

  4. I'm so glad you kept her, I think she's gorgeous and the addition of the wreath was the perfect solution!
    I know mom is proud.

  5. Oh she is just so lovely! What an easy beautiful solution to her broken arms. The wreath is perfect.

  6. Rosie is a perfect name for her and I think she's definitely a keeper!!!

  7. That is such a pretty statue. I don't blame you for not parting with it.

  8. She's perfect. Perfect name and perfect spot for her with the wreath. Somethings we just can't part with and rightfully so!


  9. She really is perfect just the way she is. What a good name choice, she has to stay with you now!!

  10. She is lovely just the way she is. My mom's name was rose, but hated for people to called her rosie. I could never figure out why, but I'm glad you reminded me of it. CTD

  11. Rosie's face is so sweet. She belongs with you. xoxo

  12. Rosie is a Beautiful is your angel...she will stay with you always... Hugs May x x x

  13. I also am glad you kept naming her after your mother. She looks beautiful as is and with the added boxwood wreath. Can't wait to see something "Christmasy" on her. Glad you are feeling better and better...Praise be to GOD.

    Warmly, Mary (The Old Elf)

  14. thanks for giving me props, but I thought it was just a given, since your MOM (like mine) is an angel watching over you, and us all. good job, Rosie's lovely!!

    Angela from NJ

  15. Hi Rosemary,
    I'm now just getting back to blogging & visiting, I had to take a long summer break and seems like I missed out on so much ~ Thank you for stopping by & your kind words, both Ken and Morty are home, still have a long way to go (I just updated)
    I also Love this post about that beautiful Angel ~ Rosie is the perfect name for her, I can see why several people wanted to purchase her & you not being able to part with her..... I am happy to be back, I always love the wonderful inspiration you give.

  16. Sometimes you don't have to change a thing! She looks beautiful as is and I LOVE her sweet name!

  17. Rosie...a beautiful name for her. So happy you chose to keep her...she was meant to be in your home!


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